Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work for a fast growing company like Wireless Terminal Solutions?

Mark Holmes, Business Development Manager at Wireless terminal Solutions, provides an insight into his working environment.

What are the main responsibilities of your job at Wireless Terminal Solutions?

Primarily I identify sales leads, undertake proposals for potential contracts. I manage new clients and maintain a good working relationship with existing contacts. I communicate new product developments to prospective clients, whilst overseeing the development of marketing literature for both the website and social media. Good communication is pivotal in my role, and I pride myself on the work I deliver to customers who use our card machines.

How long have you been working at Wireless Terminal Solutions?

I have been working there for just over 9 years now. The payment industry has revolutionised in that time and the introduction of contactless payments and Apple Pay has seen the demand for card machines grow rapidly.

What is your typical day in the office like?

When I’m office based, no two days are the same. Due to the nature of the card payment industry, we can be preparing for an exhibition one day and then delivering forty card machines to a charity gala the next. My role is varied, and I have to display versatility towards my colleagues and clients alike.  I have to be methodical and disciplined and prioritise my work load. Recently I have become actively involved with the website team liaising extensively over new content and helping support the launch of our new online accessories store.

What do your customers say about Wireless Terminal Solutions when you speak to them?

Wireless Terminal Solutions delivered a complete payment on a cost effective budge.  WTS supply an extensive range of card machines, epos systems to exhibitions and SME businesses coupled with our in-house technical team meaning all problems are managed quickly and efficiently. I have seen the client base grow rapidly in the 9 years I have been here, and when I get a call from a customer stating they’ve been recommended to WTS it’s reassuring, and it tells me we’re doing something right.

What’s special about working at Wireless Terminal Solutions?

Simply I love my job, and the freedom I’m given. I pride myself on the work I deliver, and the support we give to our customers. I’ve worked for both small and corporate businesses in my career, and both have their advantages. It’s a very personal environment, and we all lend our support to each other. We try to portray a very “can do” attitude, and we hope this is reflected to the end users. There have been instances where I’ve been onsite delivering technical support, and I’ve looked around and seen thousands of visitors at the event, and seen our card machines being used by our customers. That’s when you know the hard work is paying off and the customers are reaping the benefits, maximising every sales opportunity. I work for an extremely good boss, and they are always open to new ideas and you don’t always get that flexibility in other jobs.

Has the UK payment Industry changed much?

In a word yes! The introduction of Apple Pay, Android Pay, Contactless payments and the recent arrival  of the Telium Tetra range from Ingenico which features in App purchases on the card machine highlights how much the industry is changing. Many years ago the types of card machines available to customers were limited, and now we can deliver a diverse range of card payment solutions allowing customers to pay for goods in a range of settings regardless of the environment they’re in. I’m particularly excited about the Ingenico Move 5000 and the versatility this will bring to business owners.

What changes are you expecting to the payment industry in the next year?

Wearable technology is on the increase and we are having more and more organisers looking for solutions on this. Cloud Based POS systems popularity has grown rapidly as more and more companies look to anaylise their performance. We’ve seen the demise of non contactless technology as everything has now moved across to meet customers’ expectations. The demise of traditional, slow, expensive cross border payments has been coming for a while. There is also talk that some of the tech giants are considering moving into banking. Household names such as Google and Amazon are perfectly positioned to deliver banking services. It will be interesting to see how it unfolds.

Why is contactless technology so popular?

It’s the convenience it brings. a report last year stated that contactless payments now resulted in one in every five card payments and that is growing. When a customer calls to ask about why their business should accept contactless technology we always remind them of the three key points, It’s fast, It’s easy and It’s secure. Contactless only works when a card or device is within a few centimetres of the terminal, making it virtually impossible for any details to be intercepted while in use

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about accepting card payments, please get in touch with us today.