All ePos systems need renewing from time to time, but how do you know when to do it?  What should prompt you to change and make it worth the possible expense?  We’re going to look at four big reasons why you should look at renewing your ePos system.

Your current ePos system is outdated.

Technology moves forward at a huge rate.  This is true of ePos systems too.  If your ePos system is five years old or more, then it could be outdated.  New models with better functionality could be available.  Yes, changing systems can be expensive, but time savings based on new, updated equipment can be a justification. You will have new, up to date equipment that is ready to take on modern workloads.  You will have peace of mind that you have a system that is up to the tasks you need to perform.

Your current ePos system is broken.

This one might seem obvious, but lots of businesses keep broken equipment going through workarounds, temporary fixes or simply just don’t use the broken parts.  They generally do this because fixing is cheaper than replacing, however the costs soon mount up and over the course of time it could work out to be more cost-effective to replace your system. It means an end to those repair bills, the frustration of workarounds and temporary respite from system problems.

You’re changing merchant service provider.

If you’re moving merchant service provider then it might be worthwhile to think about changing your ePos system.  Providers might favour certain equipment manufacturers and may not have much working knowledge of your current ePos system. Having a system that your service provider recommends means that you have an extra resource to call on if something goes wrong.  It means that you can work in partnership with your service provider to get the best out of your ePos equipment.

Technical support.

You may call on your equipment manufacturer for technical support during your equipment’s life cycle, but what happens when the manufacturer warranty period ends and you can no longer call on them for support? You would either be left paying the manufacturer for support and warranty repairs or enlisting the help of independent repairers.  You may even end up trying to learn to do the repairs yourself, which would be time consuming and not a great use of your resources. Renewing your equipment would mean getting technical support for the length of your warranty, and most repairs would be covered by the warranty.  You would have the peace of mind that this brings, meaning you can focus on what matters most – your business!

Whatever your reason for replacing your current ePos equipment, always make sure that you buy from a well-established company.  We provide ePos solutions from the top manufacturers, with the best selection and most up to date equipment around.  We’re a trusted provider of ePos equipment and you can rely on us to recommend the best fit for your business.  Contact us for a quote or to discuss your requirements.