So, you’ve just got a new credit card machine. Congratulations!. If you’re unsure what to do with it now, here are 5 great ways to use it to help your business out.

Take payments on the move

If your business is portable, so is your credit card machine. Take it with you to fairs, events, markets and even workplaces if you trade from them. Most places you go to will have a power source that you can plug into; and if your machine has a mobile data connection you’re good to go.

This will help your business stand out from the crowd, entice customers in who don’t carry much money around with them, and also make your business look more professional.

Take payments over the phone

If your business sells services, you can give your clients an extra service by phoning them to take payment with your credit card machine. People are generally more willing to give out these details over the phone when they trust who they’re dealing with, and it gives you a great opportunity to up-sell other products and services that you offer. You can also shoot the breeze and build better relationships just by calling regularly and having a gab.

This will help your customers remain loyal brand advocates for your business, and show that you really do care.

Open an online shop

Maybe the next logical step for your business now is opening and online shop? You could use your new credit card machine to process the payments, especially if your customers are paying for services or products recurringly.

The boost to your business is a new income stream and maybe the ability to have your products or services reach national or international areas!

Get rid of cheques

Cheques are a pain. They are often sent by post and then have to be cashed, each part of the process having delays that stop your earnings reaching you. So, why not take cheques out of your payment methods and use credit/debit card payments with your new credit card machine?

The boost to your business is getting payment right away, without having to wait for banks to process them.

Future-proof your business

In today’s society, less people are carrying around coins and notes and instead using their credit/debit card to make payments for products they buy. In future, that trend might increase so by jumping in now and getting a credit card machine you are actually setting your business up to be able to adapt to changing customer trends/patterns.

The boost to your business is that if customers are carrying less cash, they will be able to spend more in your shop/business because they don’t have to worry about how much cash they have with them.

There are many other great ways to use your credit card machine to boost your business, these are just 5. Still unsure what to do with your new credit card or how to get started? Contact us for advice (link).