Leaving your home without your wallet may not be the headache it once was, if you are an Android user as Android Pay finally arrives in Ireland ahead of the festive period.

The system allows users to pay using their Android based smartphone. With more and more customers looking to complete purchases using contactless technology this has been eagerly anticipated. The service will be available to customers of KBC and AIB initially, with other banks also expected to sign up.

Paying for goods made simple

The process for using Android Pay is incredibly simple. Add your credit or debit cards and you’re ready to go! Most importantly, it provides the customer what they want, freedom and simplicity, and it means no more fumbling around in your wallet to pay for goods. We recommend customers contact their card issuer to determine your card’s eligibility. Some banks may not support all card types.

Smart phone users using NFC-enabled Android devices can pay for goods with debit and credit cards. NFC (near field contact) enables short range communication between compatible devices. This requires at least one transmitting device, and another to receive the signal. NFC is another standard for wireless data transitions, meaning that there are specifications which devices have to adhere to in order to communicate with each other properly.

Customers won’t be restricted

Unlike contactless payments, customers won’t be restricted to €30 transactions. Also, if the card issuer agrees, users will be able to pay for goods under €30 by simply waking their phone screen and holding it over the contactless terminal phones, but purchases over that limit will require users to unlock their phones.

Where will I be able to use Android Pay?

You can pay with your Android phone at any store that accepts contactless payments across the Ireland. You can also use Android Pay in many of your favourite apps which will be well received by many.