As UK forecasters predict a long hot summer for the UK, time to plan ahead and save your small business money

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  3. As UK forecasters predict a long hot summer for the UK, time to plan ahead and save your small business money

We had a taste for the balmy weather back in May, and forecasters are predicting the warmest UK summer in over 10 years. Now is the time to streamline areas of your business and implement methodical business decisions and explore seasonal marketing to give your business that much needed summer boost.

Let’s kick off with seasonal marketing. It gives small business owners the opportunity to really shake things up for your potential (and existing!) customers to get them noticed ahead of your competitors.

Update your social media profile

Most of us just upload a profile picture for our social media page whether it be Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and never give it a second thought again. The coming months are a great opportunity to “summer-ify” your social media presence, and introduce a new sizzling profile picture which can perhaps reach out to a wider audience. With all the summer filters available now, it doesn’t even necessarily need to cost anything and it can produce some impressive results.

Create summer themed social media posts

Something as simple as this really gets into the mindset of customers and potential consumers. Mix up your social media posts and have some fun along the way. Perhaps talk about what changes are afoot and achievements the company has made. We can’t stress it enough, but try and make the posts relevant but also fun which will allow you to interact and have more people to engage with you and your business.

Summer spruce to manage your monthly outgoings

For any small business, money keeps your business moving in the right direction. It is imperative to have a good flow which will enable you to cover your business outgoings. If you are looking to reduce the amount of cash you are handling maybe it is time you consider accepting debit and credit card payments. Customers expect to have the option to pay by debit and credit card these days and this extends to contactless enabled payment devices which support business owners during peak trading periods. Handling less cash also makes it safer for you and your employees.

Sizzling card machines

If your business is just starting out in the world of card payments, it can be slightly daunting. Wireless Terminal Solutions offer FREE impartial advice on which credit card machines could work for your business model. All our credit card machines come on flexible contract terms which start from as little as one day meaning you don’t need to commit to arrangements which just aren’t viable for you.

Temporary staff or freelance

It may be worth exploring or maybe it’s time to consider whether recruiting some freelance members or temporary staff could help you during peak periods ahead. More and more small businesses are now frequently turning to freelancers and contractors for short-term gain; then when business isn’t quite so fruitful you can reduce your staff expenditure quickly and easily.

What tips or advice would you share for small business owners? As ever we’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter.