Brighton Brings the glitz for Pride 2018 and Wireless Terminal Solutions brings the glamour

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  3. Brighton Brings the glitz for Pride 2018 and Wireless Terminal Solutions brings the glamour

The first weekend in August saw Wireless Terminal Solutions deliver 80 portable card machines to the 2018 Pride event. It was reported that more than 400,000 people turned out for the parade.

After months and months of strategic planning from many individuals and operations, the event was held in the blistering sun as temperatures soared into the high 20’s. The annual festival which is held in East Sussex, is the largest LGBTQ event in the country. This year’s event saw the carnival parade pass through the city ending in Preston Park where revellers were even greeted to music which was headlined by Britney Spears this year.

Where were the portable card machines used for the event?

Due to the unprecedented popularity and rise in contactless technology, all the bars at Preston Park were equipped with portable card machines. This eliminated potential queuing time for Pride visitors and allowed people to pay for their drinks and refreshments quickly and efficiently. It also meant that people who were attending the event didn’t need to carry excessive money on them and they could wave and pay for drinks and beverages.

Cost effective Portable card machines

All the bars at the Preston Park venue site are temporary yet mobile, and serve customers across the three days.  The contractors to the event needed a reliable payment solution and reliable terminal provider that could deliver a cost effective solution. As we’ve reported in the past Brighton is a prime location for the hire of our portable card machines, however this time it wasn’t your local Brighton locksmith or indoor events such as Bewilder Box Escape Room Brighton that embraced our brand. Pride 2018 pushed our products onto every street corner of the popular outdoor parade and really showed the local business what a powerful tool portable card machines can be.

Portable card machines for an outdoor event

If you are considering introducing portable card machines for a future event speak with us. We offer event organisers a dedicated account manager whilst including weekend technical support giving peace of mind at times when you need us.

The card terminals were well received and much acclaimed being an invaluable tool making Pride 2018 run smoothly.

Boost your business with a portable card machine

Despite the excessive heat the UK has been experiencing, Christmas in reality is only just around the corner and with card payments increasingly replacing cash payments, a portable card reader could be key to boosting your sales and enhance customer satisfaction.

Find out more

Contact our UK sales team on 0345 459 9984 or email If you are UK based and you have a merchant account, we can get you equipped with the latest portable card machine in a matter of days, and we make everything as simple as possible allowing you to focus on what is important……..the needs of your business! Get portable today.