Occasionally you may have card terminal error messages on your machine, and whilst our technical team will always endeavor to support customers on this, some prefer to understand what these card terminal error messages mean and how they impact their business.

If you are attempting to process a payment, and you receive the card terminal error message “Do not honor” – the issuing bank is preventing the transaction from being authorised, and instructing you (the seller of the item) to not honor the card. In a situation like this, we would recommed getting the customer to phone their bank directly and question why the payment was declined. Once the issuing bank confirms this, you can attempt to try the transaction again. Alternatively you can ask the customer to try an alternative payment card.

A communication error can occur for several reasons. GPRS/GSM terminals are reliant on a mobile signal and this can be as a result of the network going down within a certain area or location. In situations like this, the transaction that the customer is attempting to process will void and display a diagnostic code at the bottom of the till roll with either ‘41414141’ or ‘82828282’. These codes specifically relate to the GPRS units, and we have a few procedures on how to rectify this. We would recommend you switch off your card machine and leave the unit for a minimum of 30 seconds. Remove the roaming sim card from the device, and gently wipe the metal chip on the sim. Replace the sim and then turn the terminal back on. Leave for an additional 2-3 minutes and see if the card machine is displaying any of the following – GPRS, Network Bars and a Network. If this fails, please select a network manually. If the card terminal error message persists, please contact a member of the technical team.

GPRS or IP Connection Error

Card Terminal error messages – (17 or 10) – this problem specifically relates to a transaction failure on either a portable card terminal or a mobile terminal. Please call the WTS technical help-desk on the number provided quoting the diagnostic card terminal error message.

No Dial Tone

Card terminal error message (22). We would recommend the terminal user checks the telephone line and attempts to retry the transaction on the card terminal. If this error message persists, please call a technical member of staff who will attempt to rectify the situation for you.

Invalid Message Contents

Card terminal error message (49). The selected transaction method (e.g. cashback), may not be an activated feature on your existing merchant account and you should contact your merchant acquirer immediately to discuss adding this feature. We would also recommend speaking to Wireless Terminal Solutions who will support you in attempting to get the situation resolved.

Card Terminal and Host Do Not Agree

Card terminal error message (73). In this instance we recommend performing a banking report on the card machine and contact your merchant acquirer if advised to do so. If the card terminal error message persists, please call the WTS help-desk quoting the specific diagnostic code.

Offline Store is Full Contents

Card terminal error message (53). Each card terminal has the ability to store up to six transactions. If this ‘contents’ card terminal error message is being displayed, please try an online transaction to clear the stored transactions. If the problem persists, please check the connections in which the terminal is dialing out from (i.e. phone line/router) and contact the technical team quoting the specific diagnostic code.

Bad Password or TMS Call

Card terminal error message (98). The card terminal has either failed with a TMS update or an amendment has been made to the operating system and needs to be reset on our system. We would request the customer contacts our technical team, who will get this resolved.


Occasionally customers will encounter issues, and we pride ourselves on our response time and our efficiency to get customers back up and running. The technical team at WTS is passionate about great customer service, and this has been the largest contributing factor to our lasting relationships with SME’s and other organisations.

If you are getting card terminal error messages that are not mentioned in the above, please contact us on the usual numbers 0208 669 2103 or email sales@wirelessterminalsolutons.co.uk.