In the payments industry, you will see companies offering enticing deals in the hope that you will commit to using their facilities. WTS understands that business owners are looking to keep costs down and secure the best deal possible, and that’s why tens of thousands of businesses have used our cost effective solutions on a short and long term basis. WTS knows that for our business to grow, we need to keep our existing customers coming back, and that’s why we don’t just limit ourselves in delivering low cost terminal fees.

Starting out?

It can appear a little daunting when you first contemplate accepting card payments. First and foremost, you will need a merchant account to accept card payments for your business. A merchant account is a form of bank account which provides the capacity for companies to accept payments by debit and credit cards. Merchant accounts, are held in agreement between a merchant and a merchant acquiring bank. By using WTS’ services, you are gaining in the knowledge, that we are an independent seller and we can save customers money by shopping around for them. The costs associated with merchant accounts vary from provider to provider, although most will structure their fees in a similar way.

When companies first contemplate accepting payments for their business they have to factor in the card terminal fees involved. Not only will they have to pay a fee for the card terminal based on the period they require it for, but they will also be paying fees for each transaction they process on all major debit and credit cards.

Every card transaction you process through the card terminal will attract a fee – as a merchant acquirer there will be a percentage fee, which applies to the whole transaction amount. This is agreed at the time of setting up the merchant account. Don’t feel pressurised into committing to a contract; it has to be right for you and the business.


Already Set Up, But Looking To Save Money On Your Card Terminal Fees?

WTS advocate business owners to regularly check their current card terminal fees against other acquirers, and where cost-saving opportunities arise then switch. The payment industry is extremely competitive, with various ISO’s popping up in recent years, and many companies are not exploiting this opportunity to make savings on their card terminal fees. Wireless Terminal Solutions offer companies some of the lowest card processing rates around. We can typically save customers up to 35% on their merchant fees and if you would like a free no obligation quote, please speak to a WTS representative and let us save you money on your card terminal fees.


Keep Card Terminal Fees to a Minimum

Perhaps you are fast approaching a peak period or you just require some additional card machines to cover a temporary store? WTS offer extremely competitive prices on short term rental, and offer no fee rolling contracts, so you aren’t committing to any long term contracts and keeping your card terminal fees to a minimum. We provide you with a terminal based on the period you require it for and with our superfast set up, we can typically have a terminal to you in 48 hours or less.

To speak to a customer advisor about a specific requirement, or to discuss how WTS can save your business on card terminal fees, please contact us on the usual numbers 0845 459 9984 or email

Once You’re Set-Up

Now it’s deciding what card machine is right for your business.
Being a terminal specialist, we have a solution for every type of business. We offer fixed card terminals that connect via a phone line which are the most popular in a retail environment.

Our portable card machines provide flexibility to both customers and businesses alike. Delivering flexibility to customers, these are particular popular in bars, restaurants and cafes and come with a simple set up.

The mobile card terminals allow businesses to offer an ‘on-the-go’ mobile payment solution where ever there is a mobile network. Extremely popular, these card machines are seen at exhibitions and markets and are also a handy solution for pop-up shops.

The Wi-Fi terminal was introduced in 2015, and can then be used anywhere in range of a Wi-Fi signal. The Wi-Fi terminal can also be used anywhere where a Wi-Fi signal can be obtained, enabling companies to process payments away from their fixed location.