At Wireless Terminal Solutions (WTS), we are the top service provider for card terminal machines in the UK. Our focus on selecting the best technology and offering flexible business payment solutions  has set us apart as one of the nation’s preferred payment solutions.

Our card machines include mobile card machines, countertop card machines, Wi-Fi card machines, portable card machines and contactless card machines.

As the owner of one of our card terminal machines, you are assured quick transactions and efficient money transfers straight into your bank account. The process is seamless, and saves you the worry and waits that many other solutions are known for. You also benefit from product warranties and superb customer service.

Our card terminal machines offer great value for your money, and are designed to offer style, functionality, flexibility and a great customer experience. Unlike many other card terminal providers with cheap solutions that are fraught with inconsistency, we pride ourselves on delivering reliable, professional solutions. At WTS, we are official partners with Ingenico, and are authorised to transact with any bank in the UK. Our card terminal machines are compatible with every bank.

Our diverse range of card terminal machines include the following:

Contactless Card Payment Machines

This is one of the fastest methods of card payment in the UK. Our contactless card machines provide a simpler, more convenient way for your customers to pay. By simplifying the payment process, the contactless terminal machine helps you boost your sales output and protect your business from credit or debit card fraud.

This card machine is enabled for transactions below £30. With the machine, your customers do not require a PIN or signature approval- a hold of the card in close proximity with the contactless card reader and the payment is complete.

Do you have frequent transactions below £30?

Do you want to reduce queues and increase efficiency?

Then this product is for you.

Wi-Fi Card Machine

As official partners of Ingenico, WTS offers the Ingenico IWL 258 Wi-Fi enabled terminal with quick contactless card payments. The terminal is available for regular business use, or short term hire.

By configuring the card terminal machine into your Wi-Fi network, the terminals become activated before we send them your business location. Wi-Fi card machines work with credit and debit cards, and enable payments to be made into your machine as long as there is an active wireless connection. This immediately eliminates the need for phone lines or ethernet cables, and is perfect for restaurants, cafes, retail stores and night clubs.

We have a wide range of card terminal machines to suit your business needs; whether you operates from a mobile environment, a fixed collecting counter or roam within your business setting, there is a WTS card terminal solution to serve your needs.


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