We are a business driven by a strong commitment to help your business grow through use of the products and services we provide. Every solution we offer is geared towards adding value to your business. Our tailor-made, cost-effective, solution-focused approach has made us the favoured card terminal solutions provider for thousands of business around the UK.


WTS card terminal prices are competitive

WTS is a comprehensive card terminal solutions provider. We have a card solution for any type of business, and can guide you on what is best for your requirements.

We have popular static card terminals that connect using phone lines. Our mobile card terminal allows you to accept payments wherever you are and so you can take money from anywhere.

We also have the latest Wi-Fi terminals, which process transactions using Wi-Fi networks. Our new Integrated Payment Solutions (EPOS) helps you monitor your stock and sales, as well as process payments.

The prices of these card terminals differ, and you can obtain a free quote directly from a WTS representative or through our contact form.

Being experts in the industry, we can freely advise you on the best solution for your business to ensure you are making a sensible investment.

WTS short-term hire rates are market leading

Do you require a card terminal on a short-term basis for your pop-up business or an additional terminal to cover a peak business period? You may be concerned about hidden fees, obligations on contracts or being tied to a deal longer than you require. With WTS, you never have to worry about any of that. Our card terminal prices are transparent and competitive. We tell you upfront all the relevant costs of setting up your temporary card terminal so you know what you’re getting into.

You will not pay for a card terminal longer than you need it for. You can rent our terminals for just one day. This is ideal for promotions and exhibitions. There are no rolling contract fees- you pay as you go. Our quick setup process gets you up and running in 48 hours or less. Speak to one of our knowledgeable representatives today. They will provide you with free quotes and answer any question you may have.


Save more money with WTS long-term hire solutions

If you require a card terminal for more than one month, we normally advise that you go for our long-term hire solution. The solution is competitively priced and designed to save you more money as the duration increases.

Depending on the duration of the hire and your preferences, you can pay monthly or quarterly. As always, we assess your business needs to determine which is the right option for you. Your business may be better off purchasing a terminal outright, and we have a large stock of refurbished terminals if you are looking to save even more money.

All our machines, new or refurbished, are clean and tested before being delivered to your business location. For more information on our card terminal solutions and our competitive card terminal prices, please call 0845 459 9984 or email sales@wirelessterminalsolutions.co.uk