Card Terminal
Rental Cost

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Wireless Terminal Solutions provides all the facilities for taking card terminal payments. We have over 27 year’s industry knowledge and our UK based support team are here to support your requirement. WTS are proud offer the latest and most secure card terminals in addition to a pro-active hassle free dedicated unrivalled support team.

You have a couple of options at your disposal. Some companies prefer a short-term card terminal rental which is often more cost effective for the business. There are no lengthy commitments, and you pay for the card terminal rental cost based on the timescale you require. Having a short term rental, even if it’s for a couple of days can allow customers to make impulse purchases and help maximise sales opportunities. With our fast set up and competitive pricing, we invariably see companies return to us time and time again. Without our customers, we don’t have a business and with our extensive client list, we always reward returning customers with added benefits and significantly cheaper card terminal rental costs.

There have been many situations where companies launch a product and hire a card terminal for a couple of days, but as their business progresses and becomes established, many then feel the natural progression is to commit to a longer term fixed contract. The key benefits of a long-term card terminal are:

⦁ Allows you to minimise your monthly running costs by opting for a long term agreement

⦁ Provides stability and allows you take payments 24hours a day

Choosing the correct Card Terminals

Countertop Card Terminal

Operating from a Fixed Line, the Countertop Terminal delivers card payments when in a fixed location, connecting directly to a PSTN or IP line

Mobile Credit Card Terminal

The mobile variety offers a wireless way to process secure debit and credit card payments

Bluetooth Card Terminal

Connects to a telephone (PSTN) or broadband (IP) line. Allows companies to process payments up to 100m from the base unit.

Bluetooth Card Terminal

Connects to a Wi-Fi network using a secure SSID and take payments on the go and anywhere within the Wi-Fi connection. There is no need for a power point.

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