As the leading provider of card terminal accessories and payment solutions, including mobile card machines, countertop card machines and portable card terminals, Wireless Terminal Solutions (WTS) provides wireless payment solutions for a wide range of businesses, both small and large.

Our UK card terminals offer efficient solutions for quick, smooth payments. Whatever business you run; whether you are a mobile trader, pop-up shop or a pub, our card terminals are ideal for you. They help you to perform your daily transactions without worrying about connectivity, transaction speed, excessive charges or limited customer payment options.

Wherever you are in the UK, our connection is fast, the money transfer is seamless and you are guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction. What’s more, our loyal customers enjoy a warranty that covers them in case they need assistance. As industry professionals, our vast knowledge of hardware and software systems enables us to integrate platforms smoothly, so that your business runs as effectively as it should.

Portable Card Terminals for the UK Market

If your establishment operates from a fixed phone line connection, perhaps a night club or a salon, our portable card terminals have a wireless reach of 100 meters using Bluetooth. This feature enables the card terminal with the flexibility required to take payments around your business premises.

Mobile Card Machine

Do you need a mobile network-based way of processing safe and secure payments from debit and credit cards? As a 24/7 service provider, our mobile card machine is suitable for your transactions on the go. Businesses like 24/7 taxi companies and those that frequent trade fair exhibitions benefit greatly from this service offering.

You don’t have to worry about connection problems anywhere in the UK with our card terminals, and, should you require assistance, for any reason, our customer service team is ready to respond to your enquiries.

Countertop Card Machine

If your business’ payment centre is rooted to a particular location every day, such as a retail store, gym store or school library, then our countertop card is just for perfect for you. This card terminal can link up with either a telephone line or an internet connection. Either way, your electronic transactions are guaranteed to flow seamlessly wherever you are in the UK.

Tell Us Your Business Needs

If you are a business wants to project style and functionality, we have a card machine swivel that will set you apart. The swivel mount is sleek and exudes class and professionalism. The card terminal performs a 190 degree rotation, as well as a 60 degree tilt. It is designed for usability and security. The swivel mount has specially designed rubber grips to secure your UK card terminal in place, and also offers you the option to take it out of its holder. We are a company that prides itself on providing your customers with an exceptional experience. Whatever your business, we have a card terminal for your UK transactions.