Charge Card
Machine Rental

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Wireless Terminal Solutions is one of the fastest growing payment solutions providers in the UK. Whether you are looking to step up your game with mobile payments, looking to get paid faster or simply in need of a way to accept multiple payment methods, we have a solution that would fit your business perfectly.

At Wireless Terminal Solutions, we offer charge card rental services to provide fast, secure and reliable payments for your business. With our charge card machine rental services, it is so simple to accept card payments. Our pricing plans are highly simplified to suit your business needs as a merchant.

The Benefits of Contactless Payment?

Contactless payment has grown to become a popular way of paying among customers in the UK. Customers prefer contactless payments for various reasons. It is fast, easy and secure. With contactless payment, life is easier for consumers and purchases can be easily tracked on a banking app. A Wireless Terminal Solutions, we understand that contactless payments can be operated seamlessly along with our customers’ existing terminals, and other payment methods; cash, cheque or card. This is why we create services tailored to make accepting payments even easier for you.

When you rent our charge card machines, you enjoy better customer experience, risk reduction, assured payment, and the existence of an audit trail.

Charge Card Machine Benefits

  • Potential increase in profits
  • Give your business more credibility
  • Less cash on the premises
  • Detailed statements
  • Competitive advantage
  • Eliminates the risk of accepting a bad check
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FAQs About Charge Card Machine Rental

Ready to start accepting contactless payment?

It is fast and easy to begin accepting contactless payment in the UK with charge card machines from Wireless Terminal Solutions.

Our customer service team is ready t the phone to take your call. Contact us to get your terminal ready for contactless payment. We will either provide you with a new terminal or guide you through the process of enabling contactless. After you get set up, receiving payments is just one tap away!

What is Charge Card Payment?
A charge card payment is payment carried out on a card that charges no interest. The user is therefore required to pay the full balance upon receipt of a monthly statement. Charge card payment is different from credit card payment because, charge cards offer higher, often unlimited spending limits. The costs that come with a charge card are usually the allocated fee for the card, in addition to costs of unpaid balance where necessary.

Charge card payments are generally updated monthly as balance cannot be carried over into the next month as one would on a credit card. If your business is in need of charge card machines to rent, look no further than Wireless Terminal Solutions. We provide charge card machines to make payments easier for businesses in the UK.

Why choose charge card machines from Wireless Terminal Solutions?

Our charge card machines accept any form of payment, making it the simplest way to satisfy your customers and get paid fast.

We provide charge card machines with comprehensive fraud prevention tools for the safety and security of your business.

Your funds are instantly transferred into your personal business account within 48 hours.


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