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Sometimes, business owners are unwittingly forced to register with a card terminal merchant they are dissatisfied with. For some, the terms and conditions of the contract are unfairly high, while others are stuck with an inflexible chip & pin card machine.

If you are in an uncomfortable deal with your credit card merchant, you’ll probably be too busy worrying to focus on strategies to grow your business. Fortunately, you can always opt for a more convenient partner. At Wireless Terminal Solutions, it’s not just about service excellence, we also proffer ways to build our clients’ business.By offering free chip and pin card machines, and business consultancy, our clients are probably the happiest when it comes to wireless payment solutions.

How can you get a free Chip & Pin Card Machine?

It is easy. Simply call our direct line (below) or send us an email at A member of our team will be in touch immediately.

WTS is committed to providing you a wide range of services from its product suite, to ensure you get the most cost-efficient solution for your business. When you call, we visit your premises to understand they type of card terminal that will be most suitable.

Our terms are highly flexible so you need not worry about a locked-down contract. After agreement and registration, a team is sent to install the terminal at your location. Regardless of where you are, we take pride in our turnaround time. Our award-winning WTS deployment team will be at your location within 3-working days.

What other benefits of the free Chip and Pin Card Machine?

Enjoy a flexible short term hire service

We supply credit card machines for both fixed and mobile business locations. If you are considering organising a trade show for a few days, we can lease out a card terminal with a rolling contract for your business. You could choose to roll over services as the event progresses. As soon as it ends, the contract ends, and a team withdraws the terminal as conveniently and quickly as it was set up.

Free Chip and Pin Card Machine; Features

Wireless Terminal Solutions is partners with leading providers of support services for chip and pin card machines in the UK. With us, you get the best deals in a machine that is portable, Wi-Fi enabled and Bluetooth-activated. All terminals come equipped with a strong mobile connectivity of a 100-metre radius and a lasting warranty.

Consultation for Free Chip and Pin Card Machines

If you are just opening a store for the first time, you may be unfamiliar with the process of acquiring a card machine. Our team of professionals are always happy to explain. Even if you already own a store and want the best deals for your payment system, we offer an obligation-free consultation service.

As an independent chip and pin card machine suppliers, WTS has access to a large network of carriers. We can shop around for the most suitable deal and help you reduce unnecessary costs on your current contract.

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Short-term Lease Chip and Pin Terminals

Are you looking for a free pin card machine?

Many people are put off offering card payment solutions to their customers because of the perceived expense that it entails. The reality is that you can now take short-term contracts with very little commitment, and can even get free chip and pin card machines.

The Wireless Terminal Solution way

We are committed to offering diverse solutions to our customers, and ensuring that you get the most cost effective, appropriate service for your business.

We offer short-term and long-term chip and pin card machine solutions, and this means that you can budget your card machine expenses appropriately, and that our business is right for both fixed site long-term businesses, and short-term event-based companies. Whether you want a solution to be fixed in your shop, or a wireless terminal for your gala event, we have you covered.

The hardware- Our free chip and pin card machine

We work with the leading providers of chip and pin card machines in the UK, to provide free chip and pin card machines that are portable, and feature Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and mobile connectivity. With us there is no need for lengthy contracts and you get quality hardware and a superb merchant account. The hardware is robust and resistant to drops and knocks, meaning little accidents won’t leave you unable to take payments.

In the event that your machine does go wrong, we offer unrivalled customer service and after sales solutions so that you have peace of mind that you will always be open for business. We offer a 24 hour terminal replacement service

An accredited, accepted card machine solution

When you take a free chip and pin card machine from Wireless Terminal Solutions you get a leading solution that takes all major UK credit and debit cards, and is approved by all major UK banks. This means you will be able take payments from any customer.

Whether you want to take Visa or MasterCard from a customer the rates we charge are sure to reduce your monthly fees as compared to taking PayPal or most other payment gateways. We really are one of the most competitively priced payment offerings on the marketplace.

Consultative approach to free chip and pin card machine solutions

We understand the resistance that some people have to getting a chip and pin card machine. Cash may have always been your way, and it may have served you well in the past. However, more people are reliant on their debit and credit cards these days, and people are carrying less cash than ever before. Don’t miss out on sales and extra sales because you can’t take a card payment.

Our portable solutions mean that your business can take payments on the go wherever you are, and you are able to present a professional image to your customers. Whether you have a pop-up shop, are a mobile hairdresser, have an outdoor bar, or are running a charity event, the short and long-term card machine solutions from Wireless Terminal Solutions can provide you with what you need.

So… Get in touch today to find out more about our services, costs and for a free quote, call (0845) 459 9984, or email to speak to our card machine experts, and find out whether you qualify for a free chip and pin card machine.


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