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Are you a company that performs a lot of transactions via credit cards? Do you deal regularly with international customers? You will need a reliable platform for seamless money transfers. A platform that guarantees customers, convenient payment solutions regardless of the type of credit card they use.

As market leaders in the supply of credit card machines, Wireless Terminal Solutions offers business owners a fast way to handle their payment processes. With our machines, you need not worry about network downtime or uncomfortable terms and conditions. When you install a WTS credit card machine, you win.

What makes WTS credit card machines stand out?

Enjoy regular uptime and flexible contracts

As pioneers of financial technology payment systems, our terminals are regularly available for money transfers. Even if you operate off-hours, your customers are assured of seamless service. We also have a support team on standby to attend to you.

Unlike some terminal providers, we do not lock you into an unfavourable contract. In fact, our customers are free to select a short-term credit card service if they wish. WTS strives to make business easy for its customers.

Credit card machine compatibility

If you deal with a lot of international customers, you’ll want a credit card machine that accepts multiple types of cards. Nobody likes to lose a potential sale, neither should you. When you order a WTS terminal, you are assured of a machine that is registered with major banks in the UK. It is compatible with leading pay-gate merchants such as VISA, MasterCard and American Express.

Credit card machine for all business types

We know businesses vary in operations and function. While some require attending to customers at a table, other draw customers to a specific payment area. For this reason, we have different types of credit card machines.

For instance, the Counter-top credit card machine is useful for businesses that have a central payment counter. The device can be mounted on a swivel for convenience of both the vendor and the customer.

We also have Mobile credit card machines that use Wi-Fi with a strong reception radius of 100 meters. This is suitable for establishments with table services like restaurants, bars and cafes. Our Contactless credit card machines offer one of the fastest ways to effect payment. Your customers do not need to key in their PIN; just a light contact with the card and payment is complete.


Does the credit card machine come with support service?

As a business policy, our interaction with customers does not end with deploying the terminal. We continue to engage our registered customers long after installation. A dedicated account manager acts as a liaison to relay any issues you may have.

Support service for our credit card machines is unlike any other in the industry. Whether you operate locally or abroad, you’ll find them extremely helpful. WTS project managers can apply their experience to any situation.

You’ll also be happy to know that Wireless Terminal Solutions is a registered reseller for Ingenico, a leading manufacturer of credit card machines in the UK. Therefore, all supplied equipment come with a lasting warranty.

Using a credit card machine for your business – the benefits

Using a credit card machine in your business offers convenience to customers when buying items in a hurry. It allows them to pay by credit or debit cards either by entering a PIN or using contactless technology – this is where a customer simply swipes their card over the terminal and the payment is processed. Shoppers no longer want to scramble around to find the money they need – a credit card machine is far more convenient, faster and secure.

The team at Wireless Terminal Solutions are committed to finding a bespoke card terminal solution to fit your needs and the needs of your customers. We are experienced in all aspects of card machine use including short and long term hire of these machines. We are here to support you every step of the way and our customer representatives can advise you on which credit card machine to choose – contactless, handheld, Bluetooth or wi-fi. Your customers can feel secure in the knowledge that their card payments are safe. pdq machine transactions are authorised and authenticated in real time. Address verification services (AVS) and Card Security Code(CSC) also improve security.

Attending an exhibition or event? A credit card machine is vital.

If you are attending an exhibition it is imperative to have a payment solution in place and hiring a Wireless Terminal Solution pdq machine should fit the bill. At Wireless Terminal Solutions, we supply the credit card machines you need to start processing payments. Our ever popular Ingenico GPRS terminals are commonly used for events and exhibitions and are ideal for vendors looking to taking credit or debit card payments on the go. You can use a Wireless Terminal Solutions credit card machine all over the UK and on all major networks.


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