Renting Debit
Card Machines

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Sometimes, all it takes is a little flexibility to give your business an extra push. If you’re not ready to fully commit to a debit card machine or would like to test the waters and see how it works for you, Wireless Terminal Solutions offers debit card machine rental services you’ll find are well-suited to your needs. Whether you’re interesting in renting a debit card machine short-term or for a longer period, rest assured you’ll find a reasonably priced solution that works for you. All our debit card payment terminals are licensed with every merchant bank in the UK. Join thousands of businesses in the UK who are already taking advantage of this amazing opportunity to maximise sales.

What do you get when you rent a debit card machine?

At Wireless Terminal Solutions, we care enough to provide you with a high standard of payment security at every time and place you have to make transactions. All our debit card machines are equipped to protect you against debit card fraud while helping to raise your sales. We provide machines that offer contactless payments and Apple Pay for even more versatility. We are dedicated to providing the best possible customer care to help you reach your goals.

FAQs Renting Debit Card Machines

Using a debit card machine rental for the first time?

There’s no need to worry if you’ve never rented or used a debit card machine. All our units come with instructions that are easy to follow and we’ll make sure the machine is set up properly by the time it gets to you. You’ll be able to use the machine like a pro in no time as it comes with a large screen and clear buttons that are well spaced and easy to read. We are bent on maintaining a close working relationship with our clients based on trust and are ever ready to answer your questions and provide support whenever you may need it. We can’t wait to hear from you on how we can help you move your business forward. Please call us on 0845 459 9984 or email us at

Is debit card machine rental costly?

While the cost of debit card machine rental will depend on the type of machine you need and the duration of the rental, you can rest assured you’ll get the best value for money at Wireless Terminal Solutions. Apart from the rental cost, you’ll be charged transaction fees and a monthly cost for a merchant account. Speak with us to get a concise quote delineating all applicable costs. We won’t waste your time and we assure you there’ll be no hidden charge at any point.

What are thr Benefits of Debit card machine rental?
  • Take your business with you wherever you go.
  • Customers will have no excuse not to make a purchase.
  • Test the market without making a full commitment.
  • Start taking payments over the phone or online.
  • Secure way to deal with cashless payments.
  • It’s safer than having to carry cash around.


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