Wireless Terminal Solutions is a leading card machine provider for many of the UK’s hairdressers and salons.

We are able to provide payment solutions that give hairdressers and salons the flexibility and robustness to enable you to serve your customers efficiently and with integrity. Our dedicated Surrey based team jointly has over 40 years industry experience in the payment sector, and have been helping hairdressers process card transactions in the UK since 2009.

Any hairdresser contemplating using our card payment solution will receive an affordable, reliable payment solution to suit your business, even those who operate a mobile hairdressing service. Our hairdresser card machine solutions help your business to process transactions whenever or wherever you are without worrying about terminal connectivity, contactless options, transaction speed or limited customer payment options.

 WTS are committed to providing the best credit card terminal for hairdressers and salons, and ensuring that you never have to worry about the flow of your payments.

What card terminal options are available to hairdressers?

With a mobile card machine, hairdressers that have no fixed trading address or operate as a mobile hairdresser, can accept debit and credit card payments from their customers. The mobile card terminal option is ideal if your business needs to accept cards on the move. Our mobile credit card terminals enable hairdressers to accept contactless card payments anywhere within the UK and abroad.

If your hairdressing business operates from a fixed phone line connection, our portable credit card terminals have a wireless reach of 100 meters using Bluetooth. This provides hairdressers with the flexibility required to take mobile payments around your business setting.

If your hairdressers’ payment desk is in a set location within the retail setting, then our every popular countertop credit card terminal is just perfect for you. This PDQ machine connects via a designated telephone line to ensure your card transactions are guaranteed to flow.



Wi-Fi card terminals

Wi-Fi card terminals are extremely popular for hairdressers and salons where payments need to be taken to the customer. Choosing a Wi-Fi card terminal for your hairdressers, offers an extremely personal service, and is perfect for salons where a router or telephone line isn’t available. Choosing a Wi-Fi card terminal offers a company alternatives to the traditional credit card machines that have been widely available for a number of years.


Wireless Terminal Solutions provide a unique one-stop-shop for hairdressers and salons wishing to accept card payments. WTS pride ourselves on the service we provide to the hairdressing industry adopting integrity and honesty as the main core of our business focus. To discuss getting your hairdressers equipped with a card machine, please call us on 0845 459 9984 or email sales@wirelessterminalsolutions.co.uk.