Credit Card Machine Accessories

Credit card machine accessories are a fundamental necessity for any business owner. Sourcing a reliable manufacturer of credit card machine accessories is important to ensure that you’re able to process and accept all your customers’ credit card and debit card payments. Credit card machine accessories don’t just extent to till rolls, they also include bases, rollers, printers, embossed manual imprinters, ethernet cables and other POS accessories. Accessories aren’t just restricted to individual manufacturers that include Ingenico, Verifone, Spire, PAX, PayPal and iZettle amongst others.

Our optional credit card machine accessories can be customised and tailored towards the needs of your payment requirements. We pride ourselves on the speedy turnaround and efficient service. Our approachable team will set you side from the competition and enable you to accept all major debit and credit card payments. All our accessories can be easily paired and linked to internal hardware and software including POS, cash drawers, scanners and printers.

Spire T4220 Till rollsPoint of Sale Paper Rolls

With a combined experience of over 60 years in delivering credit card payments, we endeavour to make the lives of business owners as easy as possible with our one-stop shop for your point of sale paper rolls and other credit card machine consumables. Our service doesn’t just extend to Surrey, but the whole of the UK and beyond.

The payment industry is densely saturated with many payment providers claiming to offer cheap debit and credit card processing. With hundreds of different payment providers to choose from, it can sometimes be overwhelming for customers. The main point of sale paper roll is the thermal till roll which is most commonly associated with the Ingenico credit card machine. Other payment manufacturers such as Spire, Verifone, and PAX also offer point of sale accessories and paper rolls are available. If you have an MPOS system such as iZettle, PayPal or SumUp please refer to our online store on what products are available.

Card Machine Printer Issues

Encountering credit card machine printer issues is not only inconvenient when your business is looking to process payments, but it is also a headache in knowing what to do to get the issue resolved.

The UK’s leading payment manufacturers all provide replacement parts which can rectify the situation. Another option is to find a Spire, Verifone or Ingenico reseller and purchase directly from them. In most cases, replacement parts should be dispatched within a couple of days. If your credit card machine is encountering printer issues and in the case of Ingenico, it may be worth checking the cog is still connected to the hood of the credit card machine lid. Why is a cog so important I hear you ask? It has become the mainstay for Ingenico credit card machines as this allows good thermal print-offs when customers pay for goods. Replacement parts have been thoroughly optimised for business owners wishing to process customers’ payments.

If your printer issue relates to your MPOS software or integrated EPOS or till system, you may wish to source from the manufacturer directly. Sourcing a reputable POS consumable supplier provides business owners peace of mind.

Card Reader Hire

Occasionally business owners may need to trade away from their usual business premises. This may involve attending an event, exhibition or conference. In the summer months and due to the nature of the items they are selling, businesses frequently attend a festival or outdoor event. Your business model may only be a seasonal one and in which case you need to take card payments on particular months. If any of the above apply to you, short term card reader hire may be what you’re looking for. Not only do we specialise in delivering card reader hire on both short term and long term periods but customers can also obtain all their card reader accessories and pay for it in a way that won’t break the bank nor leaving you tied into any long term contract agreements.

Card reader hire comes simply in two main options. You have short term card reader hire which applies to any business requiring a card reader hire for 12 months or less or you can look at a long term card reader hire. This is where a business takes a long term lease agreement which is typically between 2- 4 years.

Card reader hire doesn’t just offer a practical solutional for seasonal businesses, it can provide business owners with a quick temporary solution to support them whilst they’re trading during peak trading periods. Most companies that offer card reader hire should include free set-up on any payment equipment. A replacement card reader throughout the hire agreement in addition to including technical support linking a merchant account to a card reader should be a seamless task and in most cases should take no more than a couple of days.

Another prime example of why card reader hire is so popular amongst new businesses is the flexibility it provides owners who may not have the financial resources or simply don’t want to commit to a 36 month agreement. As more and more customers look to pay using debit and credit cards, using a card reader hire can improve customer support and improve the overall experience when they shop with you.

How to Process a Credit Card Payment

Whether you have a credit card machine from Ingenico, Verifone, PAX or Spire or perhaps you have an MPOS device from the likes of PayPay, iZettle, Square or SumUp, processing a credit card payment in essence goes through a similar platform. You have the traditional chip reader within the innards of the credit card machine and this facility allows the traditional chip and PIN payment. This method involves the customer inserting a debit or credit cards and following the onscreen prompt, before putting in their four digit PIN number. Another option which has grown massively in the last decade, is contactless technology. Hover your card over the payment device, wait for the beep or blue lights to flash and the payment has been processed. MPOS equipment may differ slightly and in some cases receipts can be sent to a customer’s email address.

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