Credit Card
Machine Suppliers

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There are many credit card machine suppliers for businesses in the UK to choose from.

Wireless Terminal Solutions are a leader in distributing Credit Card machines and our cost effective prices mean we have a solution whatever your budget.

Being a credit card machine supplier we understand that costs vary depending on a number of factors:

  • The type of machine you need
  • How long you require the credit card machine

Why choose an independent supplier?

WTS are an independent supplier meaning we can be more flexible on our prices and invariably meet customers requirements whilst delivering a service that surpasses their expectations.  Unlike some suppliers, all our equipment is deployed from our Surrey offices, we aren’t reliant on anyone else, so as soon as your credit card machine is ready we will deliver it! It’s really that simple. In most cases we have customers up and running in 48 hours or less.

Some credit card machine suppliers will use third parties and as a result will charge more as these companies pay a commission for passing the referral across. The simple fact of the matter is that Wireless Terminal Solutions don’t.

Wireless Terminal Solutions are committed to delivering superior customer service that meets the needs of our customers and business owners in a manner unsurpassed in professionalism, promptness and politeness.

We take every opportunity to talk to our customers and understand their business, how their needs are changing and how we can better serve them as a credit card terminal supplier.

Part of being a credit card terminal supplier is delivering the complete package and we have our own out-of-hours UK-based support which is accessible from 7am-11pm, 7 days a week, so be rest assured, just because the office closes at 5.30pm, we continue to operate and go beyond in delivering support for our customers.

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What Types of Card Machine are Available?

Wi-Fi Credit Card Machine

WTS Wi-Fi card machines only require a power point as they connect directly to your wireless router. The terminal can then be used anywhere in range of your business’s Wi-Fi signal. The Wi-Fi credit card terminal can also be taken anywhere where a Wi-Fi signal can be obtained ensuring you can process credit card payments even when away from you’re fixed location.

Countertop Card Machine

A countertop credit card machine (often referred to as a static card machine) is designed to sit on a counter, often next to a till where customers come to pay. You’ll need a phone connection to access the device and these are most popular in retail premises.

Mobile Credit Card Machine

A mobile credit card machine (often referred to as a GPRS terminal) offers a wireless way to process secure payments. Mobile credit card machines allow you to accept card payments at the point of sale, whether you’re at an event, paying for a service on your doorstep or in store.

Portable Credit Card Machine

A portable card machine is a popular machine for businesses that offers a table service such as a bar, cafe or restaurant. Each credit card machine comes with a charging base and communicates using Bluetooth with a central hub that is connected to your broadband or phone line.

To speak to a credit card machine supplier that understands what customers really want, please call us today on 0845 459 9984 or email We have a solution from a leading supplier just moments away!

Why WTS for your Credit Card Machine Needs

What types of credit card machines do we supply?

At Wireless Terminal Solutions, we supply a variety of credit card machines suited for every need.

  • Countertop card machines or static card machines are fashioned to be placed on a counter. They require a phone connection or a power point and broadband.
  • Mobile credit card machines or GPRS terminals allow users process secure payments via wireless technology. Perfect for when you’re on the move, they let you process payments from anywhere you are in the UK.
  • Portable credit card machines use Bluetooth to communicate with a static hub which has been connected to your phone line or broadband. They are ideal for situations where you have to move around the premises to take payments.

Wi-Fi credit card machines connect directly to your wireless router and can be used anywhere within the range of your Wi-Fi signal.

How much does a credit card machine cost?

While our flexible prices mean you’ll find a perfect solution whatever your budget, the cost of a credit card machine will depend on:

  • The type of credit card machine
  • The duration of your rental contract

In addition to the rental cost, you will have to pay transaction fees and incur costs on your merchant account a monthly basis, plus VAT. When you speak with us, you’ll get a comprehensive quote outlining all applicable costs. We promise there’ll be no uncanny hidden charges.

Flexible prices

A good number of credit card machine suppliers make use of third parties and will be forced to charge higher fees since they have to pay commission to the third parties in question. This is a situation we, at Wireless Terminal Solutions, don’t have to deal with.

What sets us apart from other credit card machine suppliers?

Unlike many other suppliers, Wireless Terminal Solutions are an independent supplier of credit card machines. We don’t depend on anyone else as all our machines are positioned in our Surrey offices, ready to be deployed whenever we need them. What does this means for our clients?
Faster service

We don’t need to wait for a third party to supply us before we deliver a product to you. This means your credit card terminal will be delivered once it is ready.

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