Types of Credit
Card Machine

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What Types of Credit Card Machine Wireless Terminal Solutions offer?

It has become necessary for any modern business to offer flexible payment solutions for customers who prefer to pay with their debit or credit cards. Before now, the devices used to receive payments were often heavy and bulky and were not easy to operate. Now, you have the option of choosing from a wide variety of smaller credit card machines that offer the greatest degree of flexibility and ease of use.

As an independent reseller for Ingenico, Wireless Terminal Solutions supply different types of credit card machines to make taking payments an effortless exercise:

  • GPRS Credit Card Machine
  • Portable or Bluetooth Credit Card Machine
  • Static/Countertop Credit Card Machine
  • Wi-Fi Credit Card Machine

Wireless Terminal Solutions will discuss and understand your exact requirement to offer the best possible solutions for your business.

Nowadays, customers expect to be able to make payments using their debit or credit card and having a credit card machine has become an essential requirement for all businesses. Wireless Terminal Solutions is an independant reseller for Ingenico and are able to offer premimum software at a cost effective price.

GPRS Credit Card Terminal

This type of credit card terminal is perfect for businesses on the move. With GPRS coverage and the WTS Roaming Sim, Credit Card payments can be taken on the move at any location allowing maximum profitability for your business. This terminal type is also ideal for events and exhibitions, meaning the terminal has no need for any fixed line connections via broadband or phone line. Our GPRS Credit Card Machines allow Contactless Payments meaning the complete sales process is quicker than a standard Chip and PIN transaction.

These types of credit card machines can be ordered as a short term hire or if you’re looking at a longer term solution, you can commit to a long term rental. Wireless Terminal Solutions offers competitive pricing for all types of terminal hires. Wireless Terminal Solutions offer short term rentals from as little as one day and our long agreements start from 24 months.

Portable Credit Card Terminal

This type of credit card is ideal for restaurants and pubs allowing a card terminal to be used remotely within a fixed location. The main benefit of the credit card terminal is speed. The device offers an instant payment method as well as contactless payments. The terminal is also an ideal device for exhibitions and events where an IP or PTSN line is present and GPRS connectivity can be a problem.

Portable card machines allow flexibility within a business premises when a connection at the point of sale may not always be obtainable. Using a portable credit card terminal allows the base station to be connected to an IP/PSTN connection but the terminal will work completely remotely with a range of up to 100m.

Static/Countertop Credit Card Terminal

A static credit card terminal is the perfect card terminal generally used within a majority of retail outlets. The credit card terminal will simply connect through a direct IP or PSTN feed with the terminal automatically connecting to the preferred merchant bank. This credit card terminal is contactless enabled allowing an instant card payment and has the added benefit of a fast connection when taking a chip and pin transaction.

The Static credit card terminal is the most cost effective terminal solution available to market and Wireless Terminal Solutions offer competitive pricing for this terminal type.

Wireless Terminal Solutions also offer the necessary accessories to go with the static credit card terminal. A terminal mount located featured on the WTS online store gives the professional image when trading within the retail sector.

Wi-Fi Credit Card Terminal

A Wi-Fi credit card terminal is the latest in Chip and PIN contactless technology. This credit card terminal offers complete flexibility when looking to take card payments within your business. No hardwired phone line or internet connection is required and similar to your mobile phone, the credit card terminal will need the SSID and password to connect to your dedicated Wi-Fi connection. The payment speed of the Wi-Fi credit card terminal is instantaneous and the fastest device in the industry.

The ingenico IWL258 Wi-Fi credit card terminal is also ideal when looking to take card payments within an exhibition space. As long as the venue supplies a dedicated Wi-Fi hotspot or line, the device will work perfectly for you. Using the Wi-Fi credit card terminal within an exhibition will reduce que time and transaction speed allowing more payments to be taken.


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