In today’s fast-paced way of life, when it comes to paying for goods or services customers are looking for any advantage that offers convenience and saves them time.

Unattended terminals have grown rapidly in recent times, most noticeably post Covid-19 where we have seen a strong demand as partners look to source alternative payment methods for their clients wishing to process payments in alternative ways.

Unattended terminals deliver convenient payment solutions for business owners providing a self-service solution to its client base. The basic fundamental of understanding unattended payment terminals is to realise they are primarily used in environments for settings or locations where there won’t be a member of staff present or available to assist or support with the end transaction. We can offer long term and short term unattended terminals.

Cashless payment terminal

Unattended terminals deliver a cashless payment terminal that provides an innovative solution for partners to up-sell to their clients. Wireless Terminal Solutions have the ability to support partners in learning more whilst providing the latest in unattended terminals that best fit the needs of their clients.

What is an unattended payment terminal and how will it benefit partners’ customers?

Many partners may not be au fait with unattended payment terminals but they deliver a self service payment option where the customer will actively activate the transaction. They all come with a plethora of benefits including a design element which includes a tamper proof facility providing business owners with a secure self-service solution. The emphasis is built around providing sturdy robust hardware to withstand the weather and the threat of vandals. The core design is built around a high end design whilst providing a simple, easy to use interface for self service which allows business owners to reinvent the way their customers pay for goods. Unattended terminals allow business owners to reinvent their payment strategies providing a versatile way to accept payments in common situations such as parking, vending, transportation, petrol or in a retail setting.

Do your customers intend for their payment infrastructures to be manned at all times?

For partners speaking with prospective clients over unattended terminals, one main question that will help identify whether this would be beneficial is whether they intend for their payment terminals to be manned at all times, or will they be completely self-service.

Key Benefits of Unattended Payment Terminals

  • Ease of Use
  • Superior customer experience
  • Ability to pay for multiple items, goods and services without any contact
  • Delivers privacy to customers knowing they can purchase products in private.
  • Providers significantly greater potential for impulsive purchases and purchases
  • Simple set up

If you have a bespoke requirement for an unattended payment facility, please speak with us today on 0208 669 2103.