What is the Fee to Hire a Wireless Credit Card Machine?

If you’re a business owner requiring a wireless credit card machine, more commonly referred to as a PDQ machine, you’ll need to decide what type of arrangement you will require. The fee for a wireless credit card machine is primarily reflected on the length of term and the type of PDQ machine you require.

Signing up to a short term hire rental normally provides a company with one set fee, this price is based on the length of hire, collection and delivery and any other optional extras. If you are looking for a short term wireless credit card machine that is something representatives at Wireless Terminal Solutions can assist with.

If you opt for a long term wireless credit card machine, the price will be determined on the length of contract and the type of credit card machine you require. Prices will differ depending on the payment provider you speak with, but if you would like a competitive quote, please contact us. Not only do we offer clear concise pricing but also super quick set-up on all wireless credit card machines.

If your business already accepts card processing, the set-up is simple and if you’re new to cards, again that is something we can assist with.

Point of Sale Card Machine

Point of sale systems and more specifically point of sale card machines have changed rapidly in the last decade. Ten years ago, the Ingenico EFT was the most popular terminal but was limited. Other point of sale card machine manufacturers included Thyron, Spire, Verifone amongst others and some of these no longer exist. Point of sale technology has changed rapidly and the introduction of MPOS (mobile point of sale) has meant it is now more readily available and more cost effective.

The primary purpose of a point of sale card machine is to allow customers to pay for items and services quickly and efficiently. The growth in contactless payments has seen point of sale card machines introduce new features to support demand. As such, the popularity in contactless payments is growing year on year with more and more looking to pay using debit or credit cards. Many companies are now able to offer integrated payment solutions on POS credit card machines meaning expectations from business owners can now be fulfilled and criteria objectively reached.

In addition to point of sale card machines, we specialise in POS accessories and other payment facilities.

Renting a Card Reader

Renting or leasing a card reader should be a seamless exercise if you find the right payment provider. There are primarily two main routes customers opt to choose, these are renting a card reader on a short term rental or leasing a card reader long term.

In today’s competitive market one of our key aspects that sets us aside from other payment providers is flexibility and providing customers with options that allow them to grow their business whilst delivering the latest in payment technology. We are a champion and pioneer for short term card reader hire and provide flexibility and convenience. The card reader industry has seen many new additions in recent years with products launched from manufacturers such as PayPal, SumUp and Square.

We understand every business is different from the next and many of our customers only require a card reader on a temporary basis once or twice a year. Other customers take advantage of renting a card reader and return every few months for the events and exhibitions they attend. Renting a card reader provides flexibility and along with the POS accessories and merchant services we offer, we believe we have a payment solution ready to meet the needs of your business.

There are other card reader options available to customers and we believe all our credit card machines will fulfil the needs and expectations of your paying customers.

What Payments does a Credit Card Machine Accept?

Payment options for a credit card machine are vast and expansive and customers can pay for goods simply with contactless technology which includes Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and Android Pay. The growth in contactless technology has been vast in the last couple of years and the advances in payment technology reflects this coupled with contactless payments, accept traditional Chip and PIN payments and MOTO amongst others. Leading manufacturers such as Verifone, Spire and Ingenico allow business owners to take payments in a multitude of ways. Most credit card machines are compact, sleek and robust and each coming with their own unique connectivity point.

If you are a business owner wishing to process credit and debit cards, which includes Maestro, MasterCard, Diners and American Express, you can rest in the knowledge that we can provide a credit card machine to be linked to your existing payment facility.

Wireless Terminal Solutions provides a plethora of payment options for businesses big and small with the intention of making card payments easier.

Wireless Credit Card Lease

Wireless credit card lease is the most popular option for customers requiring a permanent payment solution. Lease prices differ and are primarily based on the specific credit card machine the business owner requires and the length of lease you require it for. A good rule of thumb is in essence, the longer you lease the machine, the cheaper the credit card machine should be.

Some business owners decide not to purchase a credit card machine and bulk a large asking price some payment providers quote. This is where a wireless credit card lease flourishes as businesses predominantly pay one set fee on a monthly basis. Lease agreements normally consist of a twelve, twenty four, thirty six and forty eight month agreement, but some payment providers will provide contracts tailored to meet the needs of your business.

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