Wireless Terminal Solutions is renowned nationally as a top provider for all card terminal accessories, applications, and payment solutions. We offer quality financial technology to support large establishments, mid-size stores, corner-shops and local merchants. Our products include card terminal applications, accessories and a fully integrated EPOS solution. We can set up, program, and configure our card terminal applications into your systems so you can start enjoying easy payment wherever your business is based.

As a leading organisation in the financial tech industry, we understand the needs and concerns a service establishment like yours experiences on a daily basis. We know how the following factors relate to your business:

  • The size of your business and the environment it operates in
  • The type of card terminal required
  • The duration you need for the card terminal

Wireless Terminal Solutions (WTS) is attentive to the specific needs of business vendors and merchants, which is why our engineers have developed card terminals and applications that fit each payment category.

As a card terminal provider, we make life generally easier for business owners. We supply card terminals in a flexible manner. No two businesses are the same, so we provide personalised services, with a dedicated account manager for each card terminal.


EPOS application

If your business serves a heavy customer base and you occasionally experience issues with payments and reconciliation, we have a product tailor-made for you.

WTS offers a new, fully integrated EPOS and chip & pin card terminal that can make your hassles a thing of the past. The EPOS is a valuable to companies because it immediately saves you time and money. It does this by improving sales management, inventory control, cash management and banking services.

Our application is developed, in-house, by qualified engineers, and can satisfy any requirements by offering more flexibility to the end user. If you want a specific solution that is not part of our portfolio, we can simply develop one for you.

WTS EPOS card terminals are useful for establishments such as nightclubs, trade exhibitions, sporting venues, bars and coffee shops. Our delivery is designed to serve each customer exclusively.


EPOS Hire Service

As an applications service provider, we understand that some businesses may require temporary payment solutions, so we have an EPOS hire service.

This enables business owners who have a unique need for payment services to conduct their business in the short or long term, depending on the environment.

Our EPOS systems consists of computer hardware, accessories and the application software specifically designed to a point of sale environment.

Card terminal distribution

WTS is an original card terminal supplier, which means we provide our services independently. This allows for a more personalised relationship with our clients.

All our card terminals are supplied from our office in Wallington, and you can be assured we will deliver your credit card machine immediately it is signed by the merchant acquirer.

Contact us

If you own a business establishment, your seamless payment solution is only moments away. Contact us today for a card terminal application service via phone on 0845 459 9984, or email sales@wirelessterminalsolutions.co.uk