There are many card terminal suppliers for businesses in the UK to choose from, and choosing the wrong one can have detrimental impact on your business.

Wireless Terminal Solutions are a market leader when it comes to being a card terminal supplier for the UK market, and we always go above & beyond in delivering new technology to the payments industry, having our own dedicated short term and long term departments – based on customers’ requirements. Being an independent card terminal supplier means we are able to offer flexibility, and our versatility means we have a solution whatever your financial budget.

Being a card terminal supplier, we understand that costs will vary depending on a number of factors:

  • How long you require the card terminal
  • The quantity of card terminals the customer requires
  • The type of card terminal you will need for your business

Why choose an independent supplier of card terminals?

With over 24 year’s industry experience, WTS have a wealth of knowledge to support businesses in choosing the right card terminal. Being an independent reseller, allows us to provide a flexible approach when meeting customers’ demands. WTS don’t use third parties, all our card terminals are deployed internally meaning we aren’t reliant on someone else to do our job. With the quickest turnaround in the payment industry, we deliver your card machine as soon as it’s ready, and in most cases customers receive their terminal within 48hours or less from completing the application.

Mapping out the users journey

Across our business model, WTS look at all aspects of our business from the point of view of the end user. By listening to our customers, it allows the WTS representatives to better understand their needs, and mapping out the customers journey.

We listen and respond to your payment requirements, and constantly strive to provide an intuitive and improved service when customers use our card terminal products.

If you’re a WTS customer, you’re at the top of our priority list with guaranteed response times for technical support. Our dedicated technical team aim to provide support and resolutions to your card machine problems. WTS’ technical support is dedicated to providing our client base with prompt, courteous, and professional responses. Our technical support is available outside office hours, which includes evenings & weekends and can be contacted by phone, email or online using our social media platform.

To learn more about any of the services or products we offer and to get a quote from one of the UK’s leading card terminal suppliers, please call us today on 0845 459 9984 or email Your new payment solution is within touching distance!!

What types of card terminals do we supply?

When it comes to choosing a credit card machine, you have a few options:

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    Countertop Card Terminal

    A countertop terminal is extremely popular for businesses operating from a fixed location. You require a dedicated power source/phone connection to use the countertop card terminal. These are most popular in retail premises.

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    Mobile Card Terminal

    Choosing a mobile card terminal allows your business to process card payments and trade anywhere within the UK where a mobile phone connection is accessible. These card machines are extremely popular for companies who operate an “on the go” approach.

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    Wi-Fi Card Terminal

    The Wi-Fi terminal can then be used anywhere in range of your business’ Wi-Fi signal. The Wi-Fi terminal can also be taken anywhere where a Wi-Fi signal can be received, ensuring you’re able to accept payments even when away from your fixed location.

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    Portable Card Terminal

    A portable card terminal is an extremely popular solution for businesses that offers a personal “pay at your table” service such as a café, bar or restaurant. Each card terminal comes with a charging base and communicates using Bluetooth with a central hub that is connected to your phone line or broadband.