As we enter the new financial year, companies budgets and financial constraints may have changed for the forthcoming 12 months, and with the economy still showing uncertainty, business owners are looking to save money wherever possible and maximise sales opportunities.

The popularity of contactless card machines is on the increase, and having this facility on your card machine allows businesses to make the most from every sales opportunity whilst building customer loyalty. Industry experts are predicting that in the next 18 months, 75% of all face-to-face payments will be made with a debit or credit card. It’s pivotal that your business adapts now, to accommodate your customers expectations.

The UK Cards Association recently reported that there were 325 million purchases made using contactless debit and credit cards in November 2016, accounting for 25% of all card payments in the month, this figure will only continue to rise.

If you are a business owner and you are exploring the various types of card machines on offer but you’re not sure where to begin, don’t worry — Wireless Terminal Solutions are dedicated to delivering card payment solutions for companies big and small. Unlike other providers who act as an ISO, we are an independent terminal specialist, meaning we are that forefront of the industry when it comes to hardware and software developments. Let’s look at the type of card machines available to customers:

Contactless Portable Card Machine – This type of card machine is ideal for restaurants and nightclubs allowing a debit card terminal to be used remotely within a fixed location. The main benefit of the portable card machine is speed. The Ingenico iWL series delivers a super quick payment method.

Portable debit card machines provide flexibility within a business setting when a connection at the point of sale may not always be obtainable. Using a portable credit card terminal allows the base station to be connected to an IP/PSTN connection but the terminal will work completely remotely with a range of up to 100m.

Countertop Credit Card Terminal – Sometimes referred to as a static card machine, this ever popular unit is frequently used in a retail setting for the simple fact of its reliability. The countertop card machine conveniently connects through a PSTN or direct IP feed with the debit card reader automatically establishing a connection. The countertop card machine is contactless ready.

Contactless GPRS Card Machine– This type of card machine is great for businesses on the move. With GPRS coverage and using our multi SIM (allowing connectivity through the main four networks), card payments can be taken on the move at any location allowing maximum profitability for your business. The mobile terminal is particularly popular for exhibitions and trade shows, as the card machine has no need for any fixed line connections via broadband or phone line. The GPRS credit card machines allow Contactless Payments meaning the complete sales process is quicker than a standard Chip and PIN transaction.

Wi-Fi Contactless Card Machine – The Ingenico iWL258 offers complete flexibility when a business is looking to process debit and credit card payments. Unlike the countertop card machine, there are no hardwired phone lines with this unit. The credit card terminal can then be used anywhere in range of the Wi-Fi signal. Wi-Fi card terminals are extremely popular in hairdressers, restaurants, and retail shops where a card payment needs to be taken away from a counter.

Whichever contactless card terminal you decide to choose, WTS can support you. As one of the UK’s leading card terminal providers, we have a dedicated team who are experts in this field. We are not dictated to the length of term contracts we stipulate, we offer clear transparency in our pricing with agreement terms based on your requirement. Why pay more when you don’t have too. In 2016 we had most customers set up in 2 working days, and with our high performance contactless payment solutions we will empower your business to maximise every sales opportunity.

If you’d like to learn more about a particular card machine or to get a quote, please contact us on 0208 669 2103 or email