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Wireless Terminal Solutions are a industry leader in supplying a complete range of credit card terminals and merchant services. Unlike many independent sales organisations, WTS are an independent hardware and software provider and can provide customers credit card machine comparisons for businesses looking for a better deal on either their merchant account or credit card machine. We provide impartial advice without the need to go to comparison sites and help boost your business.

Impartial Quotes on Credit Card Machines

Other websites may claim to give you a range of quotes but all they invariably do is sell this to a few suppliers who will individually call you over a period of a few days to give you comparison quotes. At Wireless Terminal Solutions, we aim to deliver impartial quotes on the same basis with concise breakdown of costs without the headache some comparison sites bring.

Credit card comparison websites make their money in a number of ways. First and foremost a lot of income stems from sponsored listings, whereby companies pay to have their products appear at the top of search results. Secondly, the simplest and most obvious is from advertising on the website. The third revenue stream which many comparison companies benefit from comes from click-throughs where the comparison site earns referral commission when a customer clicks through to a company’s website and buys a product.

Will it pay to go direct?

So is there anything customers can do to avoid paying high levels of commission to comparison sites? Call Wireless Terminal Solutions today for free impartial advice. We have provided many thousands of businesses across the UK comparison quotes on their credit card machines and SME’s looking to save money on their merchant services. We are accredited to working with every UK acquiring bank and as a result can invariably get customers a better deal without the need to go to the credit card comparison websites. When Wireless Terminal Solutions provide you with a free  comparison on your credit card machine, there is no obligation to buy and the quotes are completely free.

It can be hard to compare merchant accounts accurately, especially due to the fact that every business requires different services from their provider. It can be difficult to find the right factors for which to compare merchant account providers. Wireless Terminal Solutions provides expert advice to help you make smart purchasing decisions.

We help businesses grow across the UK. For more information please email sales@wirelessterminalsolutions.co.uk or call 0845 459 9984.