With an extensive history of working in the charity sector and providing payment solutions to non-profit organisations, Wireless Terminal Solutions offer an expansive range of payment hardware all of which are contactless enabled. Unlike other payment providers we are a hardware specialist working within the Charity Sector which means we have the ability to provide significantly more payment options to suit the needs of your charity. We have the ability to create a bespoke campaign with the right payment device.

In the current climate, more and more people want to pay using contactless technology. If you are struggling for a cost effective payment solution to support this why not consider introducing‘CollecTin?’

All in one Contactless charity card solution

CollecTin is an innovative contactless fundraising reader with the ability to be customised to the need of the user. You can change the settings on the hardware to increase your donation amount and accept a whole host of payment methods. The advancement in payment technology has changed rapidly in the last decade, and there has been a big shift in the way people now look to make donations.

Exploring the introduction of a new payment infrastructure to meet demands and thereturns on any outlay are crucial when managing costs are key and that’s why we’ve offered various tiers on the hardware to support basic or advanced requirements.

The CollecTinhardware allows users to choose from multiple payment providers with optimum cost efficiency, these providers include SumUP, PayPal, Barclaycard &iZettle. You can create your own brand identity for the CollecTin with simple customised features which will help utilise and create maximum exposure.

Increase average donation payments and go contactless

Increase your average donation and accept all payments. In the current climate it is crucial to maximise every payment option available, and you can build brand identity around it.  Accepting cards used to overwhelm some business owners, but the process has become increasingly easy to implement and there are payment solutions for businesses on a budget. If you are looking for a specific way to accept payments for your charity or non-profit organisation contact us to see how we can help. Being an independent payment provider means we can implement and deliver payment solutions even on the smallest of budgets. We are also able to provide demonstrations, get in touch to learn more!

Move away from cash donations and start CollecTin

More and more people are becoming reluctant to carry cash after the Covid-19 pandemic and people’s mindsets are now geared towards contactless payments. The Charity sector is under immense pressure due to the issues that arose from the fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic. Public gatherings and other social events are still under immense scrutiny from the Government, and many Charities face massive losses as a result. Now is the time to implement an infrastructure to generate revenue streams and the face on the way people make donations has probably changed forever.

Affordable payment solutions for the charity sector

We aim to provide affordable charity payment infrastructures and CollecTin provides a fresh and unique approach for payment donations. Introducing the CollecTin will simplify contactless donations for donors. If you are looking for a printed or wrapped design get in touch.

Best of all you pay one fee and thereafter there after No monthly fees. Why not speak with a representative, and discuss your requirement or look at our range of charitable payment solutions, these include contactless card machines, virtual online payment infrastructures, Charity payment telephone solutions and ePOS solutions.

Key Benefits

  • Perfect for Mobile and Static Use
  • Customise the interface to build brand identity
  • Increase your average donation and accept all payments
  • Get maximum impact and recognition
  • Improve donation satisfaction
  • Safer as less cash handling

To learn more please contact us on 0208 669 2103 or email sales@wirelessterminalsolutions.co.uk