As Russia 2018 prepares to kick off and deliver “the beautiful game” if you work in the hospitality or retail sector you may be experiencing a busier than normal month ahead, and it is important to equip yourself with the latest contactless enabled technology for the world cup challenge.

Over the next month the likes of Mbappé, Jesus, Suárez Messi & co will be gracing our screens, looking to stamp their authority on the World’s greatest stage and become a legacy for future generations. Contactless technology has revolutionised the way customers pay for goods, and the way business owners accept payments, and have now become a fundamental mainstay for businesses.

The World Cup will see a temporary boost in revenue

During the football extravaganza, food, hotel, telecoms and transport industries will see a temporary boost in revenue. In an extensive report which was published in BM Magazine in May this year** it stated that the British economy is set to benefit from a £1.33bn boost if England make it through the second round of the 2018 World Cup, rising to £2.72bn if the team make it through to the final.

If England reach the World Cup Final

Pubs, nightclubs, restaurants, and cafés will all gain a boost from the World Cup hysteria, with a figure of £193m expected to be spent by consumers watching the tournament, rising to a huge £488m if the Three Lions go all the way and reach the final.

Maybe you don’t work in the pub industry, but perhaps work in the retail sector it is worth noting that the individuals that opt to stay at home to watch the World Cup games are expected to splash £240m on food and £297m on alcohol if England makes it through the second round, rising to £1.12bn if Gareth Southgate’s Three Lions make it through to the final. They are big, big figures, and it is a perfect time to build a client base and deliver customer satisfaction! It doesn’t just stop there, taxi drivers and mini cabs will invariably see a big increase as people opt to leave the car at home in return for being able to have a drink.

Making sure you have the correct technology at your disposal

Research has revealed 25% of people in the UK will spend money on drinks throughout the tournament and watch England games at their local pub. If you are a pub or bar owner and plan on showing the World Cup it is crucial you offer contactless enabled technology. Not only does contactless technology offer convenience to business owners and customers alike, but it can help eliminate lengthy queues which are all too frequent during world cup games. In addition to that, contactless technology reduces the threat of hackers who may scan cards and steal valuable information as NFC uses data encryption when sending sensitive information.

Key factors for introducing contactless payments

The three key factors we constantly remind business owners when they contemplate introducing contactless card machines are:

  1. It’s fast
  2. It’s easy
  3. It’s secure

The popularity of contactless payments has grown tenfold in the last 5 years, and offers safety and security. It delivers the same protection as traditional Chip & PIN payments, making them safer than traditional cash options. Contactless cards and devices are also embedded with multiple layers of security to protect you against fraud.

Contactless payments can help grow your business

Make sure you don’t score an own goal this World Cup and alienate customers who become tired and frustrated at lengthy queue times. Don’t hold your business back – get equipped today. You can learn more about contactless card machines and the technology we offer from our friendly representatives. We offer one of the quickest set ups on contactless enabled credit card machines and best of all, the monthly rental won’t break the bank! Call us on 0345 459 9984 or email