What differentiates POS and EPOS systems?

The future of business and retail in Ipswich will have an EPOS system. An EPOS till system can attract more customers, help boost your sales, and entice your customers to return.  Your customers can experience contactless shopping in your store as they can place their orders, make payments, and pick up their purchased goods at POS stations. Electronic POS systems are becoming the norm in retail industries.

EPOS is fast becoming a standard for in-store purchases as it streamlines the process of payment and minimises errors. One of the ways a digital point-of-sale system can become a part of your business is through the use of an EPOS till.

If you are looking for a powerful and advanced POS and EPOS for your business, Wireless Terminal Solutions is an ideal option. We have been working with various businesses in Ipswich for all kinds of POS and EPOS system requirements.


Whatever your budget is or your requirements may be, we can find something for you. However, the software is generally the same no matter what you use. You should always ask questions before agreeing to purchase any service. Technology is evolving rapidly, which means businesses are constantly looking for hardware solutions that simplify their day-to-day processes.

Today’s competitive market environment makes it much harder for small business owners to find the most suitable hardware solutions to improve the operational efficiencies of their business. Our expertise is in helping small businesses make their processes more efficient by providing them with state-of-the-art point-of-sale systems and hardware solutions. For industries such as hospitality, an EPOS system with a cloud-based EPOS software system may be what you need to take your business to the next level.

We have enabled businesses to make their daily tasks more efficient in Ipswich by providing them with advanced POS and EPOS solutions. The cloud-based POS systems provided by our company make it possible for you to use on any type of hardware. Using our system allows you to better understand how users react to your business.

Cash Drawers

Some EPOS systems can be programmed to only allow cash drawers to be opened during shifts or after certain conditions are met such as a card going out of time.  Remote access allows you to make these changes from anywhere in the world.

Receipt Printer

Our POS till system gives merchants a seamless receipt printer and electronic cash register in one. 

Barcode scanner

Along with being competitively priced, our barcode scanners have been built to be very strong and reliable. Agility is not a problem, our barcode scanner has been designed to fit these types of settings.

Credit card machine

This machine makes it easier to charge customers on their credit cards. You can either have the core machine as a part of your day POS system and you can also have it as a stand-alone product.


​​​​​​POS and EPOS software that’s better for Ipswich businesses.  EPOS software is redesigned to greatly improve your customer’s experience while also providing you with more opportunities to reduce costs. Saving time and money are at the centre of our point-of-sale systems for our customers. If your business belongs to the retail and hospitality industry, you can greatly benefit from a wide collection of point-of-sale systems and solutions in Ipswich. Our flexible payment methods allow you to easily make payments for your purchases while also having the confidence that your system will continue to receive enhanced features and upgrades. It’s time to take stock of profits with the help of our EPOS software solutions.

What functions and features can you expect from a POS system? Your business is built around your point-of-sale system. You can increase your sales volume and customer experience by connecting a POS system or the cloud to your point-of-sale hardware in Ipswich. Using new payment methods such as pay-at-table and online ordering allows you to save a lot of time and improve the efficiency of your business. This is the right time to make big changes to your business.

If you have a business in Ipswich, you can take advantage of our key POS system solutions to increase the number of methods through which your customers can pay. By using advanced electronic point-of-sale software, your customers will have new ways through which they can make payments and give orders. If you are looking to increase the number of ways through which customers can pay you, give us a call and one of our representatives will help answer any questions that you may have regarding our services.

What can you expect to receive if you choose to go with Wireless Terminal Solutions EPOS till systems?

We have designed our client experience in a way that specifically focuses on businesses working in the retail sector at Wireless Terminal Solutions. Our retail EPOS systems are compatible with a plethora of OS systems, and our team supports hardware and software from our large network of solutions providing your business with exactly what you need.  If your business has a fast-paced work environment and you deal with a lot of customers in location, a POS system will fit right in.

If you want to increase payment methods for your customers and want to increase the efficiency of your sales system, we have the right tools to ensure that happens. Let us introduce you to our POS systems that have been designed for your business. Call today to speak to one of our experts who can advise you regarding the enhancements that you can achieve for your business by using a POS system.

All of these POS and EPOS systems are available in Ipswich.

We offer a wide range of POS and EPOS tills in Ipswich

All businesses today in this highly competitive market can greatly benefit from increased efficiency in their processes. You can remain confident that our tools and services have been designed to greatly ease the process of upgrading your business.

If you run a lot of stores in many different locations, you can remain confident that our EPOS systems can allow you to manage all of them in a single location. Our main goal is to provide all the expert services you need for the successful implementation of a reliable EPOS system tailored for your unique business needs. 

Our products have been made specifically for your business.

The point of sale hardware and software solutions offered by our company is perfect for inventory management as well as helping you manage your business’ sales.

What benefits will our key POS system provide your business in Ipswich?

Currently, EPOS system provides the following benefits to businesses in Ipswich.

Let’s get to work. Our POS till systems offered in Ipswich provide exceptional performance and all the features that your business requires. If you are looking for excellent customer service as well as a tailor-made POS solution, we offer both services. An enhanced customer experience is also part of the benefits you receive.

Time is money.

Efficient touch-screen registers can make life easier for staff, while ensuring that customers can get what they want and be on their way quickly. It improves customer satisfaction, speeds up service and transactions. 

Inventory Management

Every time a purchase is made, the inventory automatically updates on the system.  Whenever stock gets sold, the inventory gets updated. You always have an idea about how much stock is left. Running your business will be a lot more efficient because you will have up-to-date knowledge on the status of your inventory.

  The customers have more options to make payments.

It can become quite a task when your customers have to pay cash. Contactless payments allow for easier and quicker payments and this is why the industry is continuously pushing for it. Different kinds of customers who choose to have different preferences of payments using the services offered at Wireless Terminal Solutions. The software also offers an option to generate reports daily. They are quick and easy to use, with till software that is intuitive and fast, and best of all, they now accept more payment types than ever. 

Simplify business management

If you run a small business, you need to keep track of your inventory.  You can easily manage your inventory using standard physical ledgers as well as the inventory management software. You have lots of different options for inventory management.

Inventory management can become a lot easier if you use the tools and features provided by Wireless Terminal Solutions. You should be able to easily grow your revenues by having an easy-to-use business management plan in place.

Using our EPOS till system inventory management software can help your businesses to achieve operational efficiency and increased profitability without breaking the bank.

Protect your information

When customers purchase on our software, it automatically stores the card details. Hackers are always looking for business owners to attack because business owners have access to stored credit card data. POS systems software is a lot easier to hack than physically breaching the hardware system. You can remain confident that when you use our services, all of the data that is in your possession remains protected. Our POS and EPOS systems are designed to greatly enhance the security of your data and are protected from attacks by hackers.

Increase customer loyalty

Another effective way to increase your company’s image also exists. A POS system allows you to reward your customers instantly whenever they purchase on our system. Loyalty programs that come equipped with our till systems allow you to run loyalty programs to increase customer retention. If you are With the development and enhancement of the inventory system, business owners can discover their most loyal customers with the data they have recorded on their POS till system.  A simple but delightful way to reward more of your best customers.

Turn sales data into information you can use

The sales data stored in your POS system is a highly valuable resource for data analysis. With the reports generated, you can have an informed view of how your business is doing in every section. You can use the data stored in your POS till to understand how your customer does business with you which can help you identify useful trends. Instead of spending a lot of time and money on conducting comprehensive sales outlets, your POS till system can give you reports in real-time. When you use our single POS software, you get access to a selection of all these features which allow you to make informed decisions that can help the company grow.

Access anywhere, anytime

As more and more businesses operate from more than one fixed location, decision-makers are now able to access their POS till system from any linked device, anywhere, anytime and it provides real-time reporting.  Advanced software can update databases in real-time which saves you a lot of time that you would have spent in synchronising it. Wherever you are, whenever you need it, EPOS tills will manage your inventory and sales so you can focus on what matters.

How can your business benefit in Ipswich by using Wireless Terminal Solutions?

We have spent the last decade developing and enhancing our EPOS till systems delivered to your location.

Advanced EPOS software allows business owners to make careful decisions that help them increase the sales of their business. Small business owners have a limited amount of time and we want to help you use the time more effectively. We offer hardware solutions as well as software services. Our advanced EPOS till system can be a great option if you are looking to upgrade your existing sales platform.

How can you get a new POS system?

You have to be careful when choosing the POS system that will best suit your business. Getting the best POS solution for you shouldn’t be a headache. Build a list of requirements based on how your business operates.  Will you be needing an integrated POS platform?  The number of business units that you have also affects the type of EPOS till system you need.

Having a great and clear understanding of the business operations and requirements will help you make better decisions. Contact us on 0208 669 2103 for FREE EPOS till system advice.   We have a wide range of EPOS products in-store to fit your current and future needs and we can have your business equipped with an EPOS till system in a matter of days. 

How customisable are POS systems for businesses in Ipswich.

Your unique business requirements can be met by our custom built POS till systems. Apart from other hardware and software solutions, you also stand to benefit from other multiple years of qualified experience in the transaction industry. Barcode scanners and receipt printers are only two of the many POS accessories that are offered by the company. Your POS upgrade can be much better served by Wireless Terminal Solutions in Ipswich.

Does EPOS till systems offer training?

We are a leading provider of EPOS till training. When you choose to train with us, you can rest assured that all of your questions will be answered and you will have comprehensive knowledge about your new POS till system. Our company also offers tutorials that are free of cost regardless of whether you want to upgrade your existing system or are looking to introduce a key POS software in Ipswich. The business will get much easier to manage using the advanced features of our key POS till systems. We recommend that you receive proper training before you use your new POS till system.

These are the accessories we offer on POS platforms.

Besides having advanced POS hardware and software solutions, we also offer a huge range of POS accessories that are well equipped to manage your business. Our online store currently features a huge selection of POS accessories that are offered by our company to help you better manage your sales operations. If you are looking for a specific POS EPOS till accessory that isn’t listed, please get in touch.

Take the next step, set up your Wireless Terminal Solutions’ EPOS system today 

An EPOS system can seem difficult from a distance but its proper use can greatly improve your business operations.

Your sales associates can easily access all sales information wherever they are because the system makes it available by updating it in real-time. What this means is that you also have access to this data no matter where you are in the world.

Technically advanced EPOS till systems can greatly benefit and improve efficiencies and businesses in Ipswich. Our cloud-based hospitality platform makes it easy to take control and build a great business. 

The answer to all of your EPOS system-related questions as well as the free quotes without obligation can be yours with one simple phone call.

Here are some of the questions our customers ask

Please contact us if you want us to answer any queries that you may have regarding our services. The strength of our services for EPOS systems in Ipswich can be measured by its popularity amongst business owners. Give your business a head start. EPOS is a completely customisable system that lets you run your business the way you want to.  If you have any questions regarding which product or service is the best choice for you, please give us a call.

Do you want to grow your business?

EPOS till systems are part of a larger picture – they’re connected to your business on so many levels.  Other products and services that help you manage different operations of your business are also part of your business’ operational framework. Cheaper POS options are not always better in the long term. Choose a better-quality POS system to ensure that your business does not require you to spend extra money in the future. In the absence of reliable data, business decisions can become a lot more difficult. Our EPOS till systems for Ipswich deliver a variety of affordable long term and short term rental plans to help grow your business, rather than paying per order like other POS providers.


What kind of benefits can businesses receive by using EPOS till systems?
Increase the efficiency of your business by using any POS till system solution. POS systems collect important data about how customers engage with your business and the products they purchase regularly which helps you in determining the top-selling products as well as devising strategies for better customer engagement.
Is it possible to rent your EPOS till system?
Accept payments from your customers using their credit cards by having the POS till system. You can even rent EPOS till system for a single day for your stall. Greatly increase the speed at which you take payments from customers using EPOS till systems.

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