What is the Difference Between POS and EPOS Systems? 

The future of business and retail in Hastings will have an EPOS system. EPOS till systems allow you to increase your sales and generate more customer loyalty. EPOS systems allow for a contactless shopping experience due to being able to make in-store purchases at a POS station. POS systems are being widely accepted by all types of industries, especially retail and hospitality.

EPOS is fast becoming a standard for in-store purchases as it streamlines the process of payment and minimises errors. One of the ways a digital point-of-sale system can become a part of your business is through the use of an EPOS till.

Wireless Terminal Solutions offer one of the most advanced and efficient POS and EPOS systems that you can have for your business. Lots of businesses in Hastings continue to benefit from our point of sale system services.


Whatever your budget is or your requirements may be, we can find something for you. However, the software is generally the same no matter what you use. It’s normal to have questions before making a purchase and signing a lengthy contract. Technology is evolving rapidly, which means businesses are constantly looking for hardware solutions that simplify their day-to-day processes.

It can be a daunting task to find the appropriate hardware solution for your business, especially given the many challenges that businesses face today. Our expertise is in helping small businesses make their processes more efficient by providing them with state-of-the-art point-of-sale systems and hardware solutions. If your business belongs to the hospitality industry, our POS systems that use the advanced cloud storage software can greatly improve your system’s efficiency.

You can greatly simplify your everyday processes in Hastings by making use of our point-of-sale systems. Because our POS systems are based on the cloud, they are not restricted by any hardware. Our advanced solutions and systems allow you to better understand and make use of your customers engaged with your business. 

Cash Drawers

You can control when the cash drawer can be opened by your staff by defining preconditions such as active shifts or around certain cards going out of time. This is done by accessing the software remotely.

Receipt Printer

Our POS till system gives merchants a seamless receipt printer and electronic cash register in one. 

Barcode scanner

Our lightweight robust durable barcode scanner delivers superior performance and outstanding durability at an affordable price.  This hand-held barcode scanner provides an ideal solution for business owners who operate in a fast-paced setting.

Credit card machine

A credit card can become the new mode of payment using a credit card machine. A credit card machine can be a part of your day POS system or can come separately.


​​​​​​POS and EPOS software that’s better for Hastings businesses.  You can save a lot while also enhancing user engagement by using advanced POS software. Our customers save time and make money with our all-in-one point of sale systems.  We are a leading supplier of EPOS software to Hastings providing one of the superior and easiest point-of-sale software for independent restaurants and retailers.  We provide super-quick setup and flexible payment options to pay for both software and hardware, and we’re constantly improving and adding features to keep things simple.  It’s time to take stock of profits with the help of our EPOS software solutions.

What functionalities are installed with a POS system? Sales are at the core of any business, and point-of-sale systems are where sales happen. When you connect over a POS system to your point-of-sale hardware in location, you get access to a lot of different features that you can use to improve user experience. Our POS system provides you with new ways in which you can take orders as well as payments from your customers. There is no better time than right now to improve your business.

With an extensive portfolio of implementing and delivering EPOS till system software to Hastings businesses, we provide complete flexibility across a variety of payment channels.  By using our latest in EPOS till systems, customers will have access to new ways through which they can make payments as well as give orders. If you are looking to increase the number of ways through which customers can pay you, give us a call and one of our representatives will help answer any questions that you may have regarding our services.

What benefits can your business get by using Wireless Terminal Solutions point-of-sale software?

We have designed our client experience in a way that specifically focuses on businesses working in the retail sector at Wireless Terminal Solutions. Our retail EPOS systems are compatible with a plethora of OS systems, and our team supports hardware and software from our large network of solutions providing your business with exactly what you need.  EPOS systems great for your Hastings retail business are also reliable in the most demanding and intense trading environments making them ideal for small and big retailers. 

Whether you’re wanting fast cash-out for your customers or integrated point of sale tools that transform your business, we have an infrastructure to help your business grow.  Say hello to EPOS Systems that work for you and your retail business. If you have any questions regarding how a POS system can improve the efficiency of your business, give us a call today.

Our company offers these point-of-sale systems in Hastings.

Take a look at the diverse range of point-of-sale systems available in Hastings.

Business management efficiency can go a long way in making your business more competitive in today’s market. For this reason, we have made the process by which you can improve the efficiency of your business a lot simpler.

Perfect for small businesses or large scale enterprise businesses, our software provides you with a single solution to manage all your retail business operations – whether you manage just a single store or multiple franchises across the country, we have EPOS tills in Hastings for your business needs. The business will be best served by using a custom-built POS system that will be designed by an expert team of qualified professionals and will implement your requirements to that POS software.

Our products have been made specifically for your business.

The point of sale hardware and software solutions offered by our company is perfect for inventory management as well as helping you manage your business’ sales.

What benefits can you expect to gain in Hastings for your business using our key POS system?

Currently, EPOS system provides the following benefits to businesses in Hastings.

 Let’s start working. We offer premium POS and till systems in Hastings designed to deliver the outstanding performance your business requires along with a whole host of other benefits.  Our POS solutions use the latest technology that’s tailored to suit your needs while our customer service team is ready to help every step of the way.  One of the many benefits that you will get by using our services is better customer experience.

Time is money.

Touchscreen input on our POS systems reduces the time it takes your staff to complete orders. You and your customers will be in a lot of business a lot quicker because the EPOS software system uses touch screens which allow for quicker input by staff.

Inventory Management

Our EPOS systems can link inventories in real-time.  Upon the sale of an item, the inventory will automatically update. You always have an idea about how much stock is left. EPOS systems will take the guesswork out of your business, helping you to run more efficiently and help you make better decisions on stock management.

  Customers can pay with various methods. 

It can become difficult to get your customers to pay cash for their purchases. At the moment, many news outlets are actively encouraging people to pay by contactless which is designed to make paying for goods easier and quicker.  Wireless Terminal Solutions can help your business make the transition from a cash-centric world into a digital future through seamless integration with payments technology, so you can still take payment the way people buy today, tomorrow, and beyond.  Sales and management reports are available from the past system daily. You will have access to a variety of payment platforms that your customers can easily use to pay you using our highly advanced and easy-to-use POS systems.

Simplify business management

If you run a small business, you need to keep track of your inventory.  You may choose to use a pen and paper or purchase an inventory management system.  There are a lot of ways to manage your stock.

If you are looking for an effective inventory management tool, Wireless Terminal Solutions are an optimal choice. A simpler business management system allows you to expand your business with relative ease.

Our technically advanced and easy-to-use POS inventory management software helps you make your business processes a lot more efficient, resulting in more profits.

Protect your information

When customers purchase on our software, it automatically stores the card details. Small business owners are at constant risk from hackers because they have sensitive credit card information. The hardware of POS systems is relatively secure, but the software is susceptible to attacks by hackers. You can rest assured that all the data stored by our systems is in an extremely secure server. Hackers will have a very difficult time accessing your data when you are using our software.

Increase customer loyalty

There are different ways through which you can effectively enhance the company’s image. Customers can get rewarded at the exact instant that they make a purchase using our deep POS till system. You can enhance your customer retention by running factor loyalty programs that have been designed by experts and come included with 30 POS till systems. You can easily find out who your loyal customers are by analysing the trends in the data of your POS system. A simple but delightful way to reward more of your best customers.

Turn sales data into information you can use

The ability to turn sales data from your EPOS till system for business owners to use is a niche but effective tool.  Product manufacturers can understand how well the products are doing using the data available in POS till systems. By carefully analysing sales data, you can gain valuable insights that will allow you to make much better sales strategies. You can easily see which of your products are the best selling by opening up the reports section of your POS till system. Your POS data can mean big changes in the way your company operates whilst allowing you to grow your customer base and control your costs all through one simple EPOS till system platform.

Access anywhere, anytime

Advancements in technology have made many POS systems allow business owners to manage multiple stores from a single Hastings or the Internet. There’s no more syncing to do, so you spend less time managing data and more time getting things done.  Our EPOS system can manage your inventory, so that you have time to focus on what matters.

How Wireless Terminal Solutions can help your business in Hastings

Many years of planning and development have gone into the final EPOS till system that we offer to our customers in Hastings.

We understand that the main use business owners have in POS till systems are to help them increase their sales. Your unique business is best served by your own time, and that is why we help you with that process. Our products include hardware and software solutions. Our advanced EPOS till system can be a great option if you are looking to upgrade your existing sales platform.

EPOS systems can be obtained using the following ways.

You have to be careful when choosing the POS system that will best suit your business. Getting the best POS solution for you shouldn’t be a headache. Understanding your business operations and helping you make the decision a lot easier. Is an integrated POS system the ideal choice for your business? Are your business assets spread out which requires you to manage them from a single location?

You will save a lot of time by making the correct choice when choosing a vendor in the first attempt and you can do this if you have detailed knowledge of your business’ requirements. Calls today for free advice regarding your key POS till the system on the number. We have a wide range of EPOS products in-store to fit your current and future needs and we can have your business equipped with an EPOS till system in a matter of days. 

How customisable are POS systems for businesses in Hastings.

Our EPOS till systems can be fully customised to reflect your individual business needs.  Our services are unparalleled due to our experience as well as a rich collection of hardware and software solutions. We have a wide variety of POS accessories that includes receipt printers, cash drawers, as well as barcode scanners. We are about the best providers of customised POS till systems in Hastings. 

Is training offered with the POS till system rentals?

Other training services for the POS till systems are already well-known. We use a friendly and interactive approach to teaching the basics of the POS till systems which increases the learning experience of our students. Businesses in Hastings were looking to upgrade their existing point-of-sale platforms, and the company provided many tutorials free of cost. Every EPOS till system has a range of different features that will help you streamline your business.  Receiving proper training will greatly enhance your user experience of the new EPOS till system for your business.

EPOS Till system accessories 

At Wireless Terminal Solutions we have developed an expansive range of POS consumables for use with our EPOS systems, as well as POS accessories and card machine accessories to improve your business.  Whether you are looking for products to enable you to sell more effectively or searching for services in other areas, they are all available on our online store.  We will ensure that any products that you do not find in our store are available the next time you visit if you inform them as soon as you find out.

Start your EPOS system journey with the POS Wireless Terminal Solutions.

An EPOS system can seem difficult from a distance but its proper use can greatly improve your business operations.

Your staff that analyses sales data do not have to leave their workstations to access the real-time sales data being collected by the EPOS software. An EPOS system would likewise be accessible from remote places like your home.

For a small business located in location, EPOS till systems can be a great asset to improve business processes. Cloud-based systems make it a lot easier for business owners to access important information and manage their businesses from different locations.

With one simple phone call, you can get access to a free quote as well as answers to all of your questions.

Answers to questions that you could have

Contact us today to find out more about the features and benefits as well as installation questions regarding the POS products and services. We have been extremely successful in expanding our EPOS client portfolio in Hastings due to the strength of word-of-mouth marketing. Give your business a head start. We can tailor our EPOS software according to your exact requirements to help you run your business. If you have any questions regarding which product or service is the best choice for you, please give us a call.

Get started with growing your business today

EPOS till systems are part of a larger picture – they’re connected to your business on so many levels.  Business management operations such as inventory management and employee training as well as cash control on the part of the entire management system that ensure your business’ operations. Cheaper POS options are not always better in the long term. Investing money into a high-quality POS system will ensure that it remains future-proof and reliable in the long term. You may find it difficult to make important business decisions in the absence of reliable and accurate data. You will not have to pay for every order you process because we allow other options such as rental payment plans for our EPOS systems in Hastings.


What kind of benefits can businesses receive by using EPOS till systems?
Increase the efficiency of your business by using any POS till system solution. POS systems collect important data about how customers engage with your business and the products they purchase regularly which helps you in determining the top-selling products as well as devising strategies for better customer engagement.
Is it possible to rent your EPOS till system?
Accept payments from your customers using their credit cards by having the POS till system. You can even rent EPOS till system for a single day for your stall. Greatly increase the speed at which you take payments from customers using EPOS till systems.

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