Delivering Card Payments to the UK Health and Beauty Industry

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  2. Delivering Card Payments to the UK Health and Beauty Industry

Wireless Terminal Solutions are proud to deliver an extensive range of contactless card payment solutions for companies in the UK Health and Beauty Industry. Wireless Terminal Solutions complete POS solutions include EPOS units, contactless credit card machines and all your replacement payment consumables in our extensive online store.

When you choose your next PDQ card machine with WTS, you will be choosing the latest in contactless payment technology that will set you aside from your competitors, and you will be paying one low monthly rental whilst receiving leading UK based technical support that operates out of hours.

Whether you operate as a sole trader, or you have multiple shops in the UK Health and Beauty Industry, it is integral to accept contactless card payments and maximise every sales opportunity.  Extensive research has shown that people spend more on debit and credit cards, thus playing into the notion that impulse purchases materialise in a greater degree than cash does. Studies have also observed that consumers in the UK Health And Beauty industry who use credit and debit cards to pay for items, tend to focus on the product’s benefits as opposed to their costs, and a report by Randal. L Rose and Promothesh Chatterjee concluded that those who were told they would have to pay by debit and credit card were willing to pay more than twice as much on average as those who were told that they would have to pay by cash.

Why Choose Us for Your Payment Solutions?

The UK Health and Beauty Industry is extremely competitive, and many card payment providers will offer you what appears to be a good deal, but on greater inspection the pricing isn’t as transparent as initially stated. Wireless Terminal Solutions promise to offer your UK Health and Beauty business a FREE clear concise quote, and the price stated on the email is the monthly charge you will pay, there are no hidden extras, and this is why we are widely recognised as one of the UK leaders when it comes to delivering PDQ payment solutions for the UK Health and Beauty Industry. Unlike the banks, we are an independent POS provider, meaning we have greater flexibility in delivering a deal that is right to the customer.

Part of our core success at WTS, is listening to the needs of the customer and ensuring we provide the best equipment to you. It is also ensuring we deliver a card machine to you quickly, and that is why 92% off our customers in the UK Health and Beauty Industry, receive their terminal in typically 48 hours.


Choosing the Right Card Machine May Appear Overwhelming

There are four main types of machine we recommend for the UK Health and Beauty Industry, these are – Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, countertop and the mobile solution which operates via a roaming SIM card.

If you trade in a set location and have a counter sales environment, then you may opt to go with the ever reliant counter-top solution. This debit card machine connects via a designated telephone line and is extremely easy to use.

If you operate as a sole trader, and actively travel to your customers, the mobile debit card machine is the best solution for you. It is extremely popular for those who need to trade whilst on the move, and enables companies in the UK Health and Beauty Industry to process payments wherever they have connectivity.

Wi-Fi card machines have grown in popularity and are a popular solution, where payments need to be taken directly to the customer. It provides an extremely personal touch for companies, and improves service to the customer.  The Wi-Fi Ingenico machine is perfect for the UK Health and Beauty Industry in the instance when a router or telephone line isn’t available, and provides a popular alternative.

If your business operates from a fixed phone line connection, our portable Bluetooth PDQ terminal may be the perfect solution. The portable card machines (which they are most commonly referred to) allow you to move the card machine around, up to 100m from the base unit, whilst the unit itself connects to a telephone (PSTN) or broadband (IP) line.

To discuss getting set up to accept debit and credit card payments, and get the best card payment machine available, get in touch with a representative today on 0845 459 9984 or email With our extensive knowledge to the UK Health and Beauty Industry, we have a cost effective payment solution only moments away.