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We’ve all heard about short term card machine rental but are you aware short term ePOS rental was available? As we fast approach Spring 2018, take advantage of a cloud based ePOS system and transform the way your business operates. If you are attending a festival or an event in the coming months, then it’s time to get yourself familiar with POS technology to maximize every sale opportunity.

Have you ever considered renting an ePOS system?

Your business may currently rent a card machine to support you at events and you may be familiar with the process, but have you considered renting an ePOS system? If you are new to the world of cloud based ePOS systems choosing Wireless Terminal Solutions means you are choosing a reputable supplier who has extensive links to the world of festivals, and is frequently appointed as an official contractor.

What is a cloud based POS system?

A cloud based ePOS system is ideal if you are looking to analyse certain aspects of your business, from peak trading periods to back end reporting. You can record top performing products, and those that aren’t performing so well, which can help for better informed business choices going forward. The cloud based till systems are also perfect for staff monitoring and inventory control.

What are some of the key benefits to an ePOS system?

Outside delivering financial accuracy for you and your business, one of the key advantages of using our cloud based till systems is the increased financial accuracy it brings when a business is charging a customer. Prior to the introduction of technology such as ePOS systems, management were frequently dependent on staff’s competence when processing a sale. This could lead to lead oversights and mistakes being made which could ultimately cost your company money and unwittingly damage your integrity. Choosing a cloud based ePOS system significantly reduces this.

Why choose a short term ePOS system?

We understand how much preparation goes into planning a festival or event and that’s why we offer unequivocal flexibility on rentals.If your company has an event booked then choosing a short term cloud based ePOS system could be the perfect solution to support you during the trading period. Our short term rentals on POS systems start from as little as one day, and there are no lengthy contracts to sign. You provide us with the inventory/product list and we install this for you. You only pay for the time you use the ePOS system and to give you peace of mind we like to supply the hardware a few days before the festival starts. We make ePOS rental exceedingly straightforward.

Do You Need a Last Minute Booking For a Cloud Based ePOS System?

Wireless Terminal Solutions specialises in last minute ePOS bookings for events and festivals. We understand how chaotic things can be, and sometimes things can be missed. If there has been an oversight from your end, and you’ve forgotten to book your cloud based system, call us in the first

instance and a member of the team will talk you through the options. We are conveniently located in Surrey and in some instances we can offer same day delivery.

Where can ePOS systems be used?

Our reputation within the events industry for delivering innovative POS solutions has propelled us as the “go to provider” for organisers and exhibitors alike. We have an extensive portfolio of event companies who choose us as their number one supplier for ePOS systems. Not only are we appointed as contractors to their events, but we go above and beyond as we know every requirement is different from the next. You can learn more about some of our clients in our extensive Case Study section which includes Birmingham City Football Club, The Kennel Club and Liberty London. We have pioneered the short term solution on ePOS systems, and have implemented an award winning UK based technical team. Our engineers reach out to organisers and exhibitors with full support which is accessible at evenings and weekends. We are also accessible on other platforms and this extends to social media.

Are ePOS systems able to offer loyalty programs?

We realise that without you, we don’t have a business, and that’s why we love to reward returning event organisers and exhibitors. The reason that our ePOS rental exists is because it is providing solutions that customers need/want. No business can exist without customers – a statement of the blindingly obvious, but one that too many companies fail to acknowledge. We are passionate about our customers, and will always support you on every rental with your own dedicated account manager. Our knowledgeable representatives have extensive insight into the festival industry. The popularity in ePOS systems is growing, become a part of the POS revolution in 2018 that will enhance your company. To learn more or to get a free quote, please email sales@wirelessterminalsolutions.co.uk