When it comes to processing card payments for your coffee shop or café, it’s important to ensure you are equipped with the best contactless card machine.  Wireless Terminal Solutions deliver a comprehensive range of contactless card payment solutions for coffee shops and cafés in the UK. Our POS solutions include the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, countertop and mobile card terminal solutions which operate via a multi-SIM. In addition to the vast array of card machines, we also stock EPOS units, specifically designed for cafés and coffee shops that will allow business owners to highlight stock levels, so you can monitor customer trends and be sure you always have enough supplies.

Whether you operate as a standalone cafe, or have an established chain with multiple shops, it is integral to accept contactless card payments and maximise every sales opportunity. More and more customers expect to pay for their drinks and goods at cafés using a debit or credit card. Think about your own recent experience of how you pay for goods, and apply it to your coffee shop or café.

Having a card machine in your coffee shop is not only improving service to your customers and increasing spontaneity, but it is usually quicker to accept card payments than cash. When a café or coffee shop accepts card payments, they know exactly how much the transaction will cost to process, and this can help when putting together a business plan.

Accepting card payments isn’t just a convenience solution to your customers, but it will invariably add more credibility to your café or coffee shop, which as a result could give potential customers more confidence when deciding whether to purchase from you. If you look at most high streets, they are often flooded with coffee shops and cafés, and such a simple introduction could set you apart from the competition.

One of the most important factors for many is the added security, as your business will have considerably less cash on the premises. For some café owners, the decision on whether or not to accept debit and credit card payments is an important one. It can affect everything from the day-to-day running of their business to the profit generated.

Consider how a contactless card machine could boost your café or coffee shop – not just now, but also to help it to grow in the future.

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Saving Money on Your Merchant Fees

If your coffee shop or café looking to save money on your merchant rates and switch providers? WTS have created our own in-house merchant team devoted to saving cafés and coffee shops money. WTS are accredited to work with every UK acquirer, and can shop around for your business to save you money. We can provide you with same day comparison quotes, so there is no lengthy wait and we make the process incredibly straight forward. WTS have saved thousands of businesses money on their merchant rates providing the best deals. If your business is looking to reduce their costs, contact us.

Part of our fundamental success since our launch in 2009, is providing a quick turn-around. We venture where other companies won’t. Whether it’s a last minute short term rental to cover a peak period or a more permanent solution, we can have your coffee shop or café operational with the latest in payment technology in typically 48 hours.



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If you would like a free quote or additional information, you can reach us at sales@wirelessterminalsolutions.co.uk or phone 0845 459 9984.