The coronavirus pandemic forced pub owners to shut down their day-to-day operations, whilst a few have implemented a home delivery for food to utilise custom to locals or other takeaway services to keep some form of money being generated. It’s been anarduous long few months for theindustry with many owners having to look at opportunities to maximise revenue streams and marketing activities to stay afloat.

How will pubs cope post lockdown?

Pubs have been pencilled in for a return in the UK this weekend 4th July 2020 (excluding Leicester who are currently on a temporary local lockdown), and although many consumers have pushed for an earlier opening, this was in line with the governments coronavirus strategy. Visiting a pub this weekend will be a completely different experience for many, and in this blog we’ll have a look at how the user experience may differ and also what owners and breweries have to implement to maximise business revenue.

The days of queuing at the pub bar appear to be a distant memory for the moment with most pubs opting to switching to table service with orders via an app – which isn’t uncommon for many larger chains including Weatherspoon and Sizzling pubs who have used this option with a great deal of success for a while. It is worth noting that ordering at some pub bars isn’t banned – but drinking in the bar area is. How pubs will cope long term remains to be seen, but there will be a small element who may opt to stay away until things become clearer.

How will paying for a pint change after lockdown?

There are generations of pub goers who’ve only ever paid for a pint of their favourite ale using cash, and experts in the pub industry are strongly urging customers to use contactless technology wherever possible. Listening to various breweries discuss the topic, the overwhelming consensus was that pubs will need to be kept more ventilated whilst implementing a layout that means tables are spaced out within the vicinity to maintain distancing measures.

Why pubs need to adopt card payments post lockdown?

Paying for your favourite tipple down the pub by debit or credit card provides a much more hygienic and easier accounting wise under the current climate. The growth in contactless payments is set to rise particularly after the recent increase to £45 on the 1st April in the contactless limit. Many pub owners feel that having card payments is also providing a safer environment for their staff. It is even deemed that consumers who have been reluctant in the past with the evolvement of payment technology are now looking at switching to provide safety for their own benefit.

Are pubs heading towards a cashless environment?

A cashless society has been prominently discussed for many years, but it appears safety concerns over cash handling may slowly be pushing the UK towards a virtually cashless society. Back in 2010 £6 out of every £10 spent was cash, but 3 years ago debit card payments over took cash payments.

The pandemic has had a significant impact on trends and the way consumers are now paying for goods. The last 3 months has seen a dramatic shift towards online purchases primarily triggered by the fact many of us have stayed at home and have become reliant on online purchases.

How will pubs look after lockdown restrictions are eased?

Many will look to utilise pub gardens all the while the British summer time is with us. UK Pub giant Wetherspoon has already provided an insight into the future of pubs post lockdown with serving screens, distanced tables, one way systems throughout their pubs and hand gel available at various serving points across their pubs. The popular pub chain has also revealed they will be taking on two new staff members at every Weatherspoons pub to frequently clean all key surfaces within the vicinity.

Live Sport” in pubs after lockdown

Only last week the British Government outlined a fresh approach on guidance to the restaurant and pub industries which will commence this Saturday 4th July. There is still uncertainty as to whether pubs will be able to show live sport or have entertainment as there are concerns this may engage with audience behaviours which could increase transmission risk. The likes of Sky and other TV broadcasters have apparently received private assurances from the Government that pubs will be allowed to show the live sporting events such as Premier League matches but they must adhere to noise control and customers must refrain from making noise and this extends to chanting or goal celebrations.

The reopening of pubs and other venues also coincides with social distancing measures being reduced to one metre, and the hope is that it will allow more people to visit their local for their favourite tipple. Other restrictions are outlined in the Government report and this also outlines that individuals are only allowed to go visit a pub with one other household and customers in the pub should remain seated at the table and wait to be served and refrain from going to the serving area of the bar.

Temporary card machines and card payments for pubs after lockdown

As pubs reopen many businesses are expecting an influx of visitors for what is deemed one of the UK’s favourite past times. Some pubs will already have a card machine in house, but with less and less environments accepting cash and the implications it carries, many may be looking into the option of leasing a temporary card machine to support them after the lockdown restrictions have eased.

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Acquiring additional card machines for your pub after lockdown will provide peace of mind to your customers as they look to pay for their drinks quickly and conveniently, and it also reflects well on your pub building a reliable reputation with your client base, and also providing extra safety for your staff who will have to handle less cash. To get a free quote for your pub please call us today or email

Wishing all landlords every success!