I need to accept card payments at a festival, is this possible?

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We are just weeks away from the summer solstice and 5 days after this, the 2019 summer festival season kicks off with Glastonbury. More than 100,000 music fans will flock to the Somerset venue and this year’s headline acts include Kylie Minogue, who will perform the Sunday teatime “legend” slot, and Stormzy, one of the only other big names to have been confirmed.

The festival season will see credit card payments accepted and used in a whole host of ways. These include ticketing, bars, car parks, and merchandise amongst other things. In this blog we’ll look at how you can utilise a card machine outdoors and what options traders have at their disposal.

What are the most popular card machines for an outdoor festival?

This is very much dependent on what’s available to the trader at the event. If the festival has its own Wi-Fi infrastructure using a secure SSID, Wi-Fi card machines may be the most practical solution. Once connected to the network they work anywhere within the Wi-Fi connectivity. Mobile card machines are primarily the card machine of choice due to the simplicity and convenience. They work off all four major mobile networks and offer a ‘take out the box and go’ aspect. In instances where Wi-Fi or PSTN connections aren’t available they offer a great alternative.

Can I rent a card machine for a festival?

Some companies will offer card machines, but not all will offer short term card machine rental. Most companies don’t want to commit to lengthy unnecessary contract terms, and this is why the popularity in short term card machine rental has risen massively in the past 10 years. Choose a company that has extensive experience in the short term rental market and who has wealth of knowledge in this sector.

Why should I accept card payments at a festival?

The risk of festival goers losing money or mislaying their wallet or purse is very much a possibility for anyone who attends a festival or event. Having the option to pay by card appeals to festival goers as the popularity in “pay and wave” is growing by the month. The option to pay for a simple round of drinks or purchasing some merchandise using contactless technology is a great way to capture potential customers. For merchants who accept card payments at festivals, it offers a safer alternative as they will be handling less cash onsite.

Our card machines will rock your world!

Whether you need a card machine for one hour or a week-long festival, we have flexible agreements to choose from. Our reputation has been built on offering innovative and flexible payment solutions for festivals and events for the past decade. We all know that using cash at an event can be incredibly frustrating for sellers and customers, and we are delighted to deliver a unique approach to maximise your event. Our card machines are cost effective and come with free technical support. To learn more on how our festival card machines can benefit your business, get in touch today on 0208 669 2103 or email sales@wirelessterminalsolutions.co.uk.