Short term credit card machine hire has been exceptionally popular for the last 10+ years. We’ve all heard short term credit card machine rental but the growth in ePOS short term rental has catapulted in the last 18 months. We are now a few months into the new decade and normal service is resuming in terms of the exhibition and event circuit and many businesses are now choosing a short term ePOS system as their tool of choice to support them during the event period.

How easy is it to rent an ePOS system for an event?

In a word VERY……….if you have a product list in place, we can do the rest for you. Simply choose how long you want to lease the ePOS hardware for, choose any optional extras and we’ll do the rest for you. If you are new to the world of cloud based ePOS systems, choosing Wireless Terminal Solutions means you are choosing a reputable supplier who has extensive links to the world of exhibitions, events and festivals.

How will a short term ePOS rental benefit my business?

If you are considering a short term ePOS rental, but are unsure of what an ePOS system is capable of then there are a whole host of benefits. These include aspects such as inventory management and discount control, to updating product descriptions and logging individual sales performances which can include attendance, sales figures and much,much more.  Choosing one of our ePOS short term rentals will enable business owners to accurately monitor any theft whilst eliminating the element of human error. If you acquire a short term ePOS system, you’ll be able to record top performing products, and those that aren’t performing so well, which can help for better informed business choices going forward.

What are some of the key benefits to hiring an ePOS till system on a short term rental?

Outside delivering financial accuracy for you and your business, one of the key aspects to using one of our short term ePOS rentals is the increased financial accuracy it brings when a business is charging a customer. Prior to the introduction of technology such as ePOS systems, management were frequently dependent on staff’s competence when processing a sale. This could lead to oversights and mistakes being made which could ultimately cost your company money and unwittingly damage your integrity.

Last minute ePOS short term hire?

The team at Wireless Terminal Solutions specialise in late bookings for customers who may be attending an event, exhibition or festival.  We understand how stressful the planning can be and sometimes there can be an oversight or something is missed. Call us to see how we can assist your event.  Our ePOS team can provide bespoke solutions tailored to your expectations and we are widely recognised as one of the pioneers for short term ePOS rental in the UK marketplace. Our payment solutions are growing rapidly and we invite you to be a part of it.