WTS are a market leading payment card machine provider in the UK, specialising in delivering payment solutions to markets and market traders both on a short and long term basis as well as providing merchant services enabling customers to pay via debit and credit card.



We Work With Markets and Market Traders

Wireless Terminal Solutions work extensively with many markets and market traders, and our card terminals are used up and down the UK.  In a face-to-face market environment, the favoured equipment is the increasingly popular contactless mobile credit card machine. Regarded as the most secure and reliable payment system as it provides authorisation to the merchant to acknowledge payment has been taken. To process a card payment, the credit card machine must connect via the dual or roaming sim that comes inclusive with the credit card machine. The credit card machine prints two receipts – one for the customer, and one for the merchant (please note only one receipt is provided for contactless payments).  At a market, it is extremely unlikely you’ll get a landline connection, so you need a mobile credit card terminal.

Rent or Purchase Our Card Machines

Market traders can rent or purchase our card machines. If you buy, you still need to pay monthly air time charges. Rental fees come inclusive to market traders. Some companies are restricted on the terms they offer, but choosing WTS provides flexibility, and this is why we are one of the market leaders for market traders. We offer rentals on credit card machines from 1 day up to 4 years with flexible payment options.  If you are a market trader who already has a merchant account, WTS simply link this to the terminal with no hidden fees or charges, and we also provide free set up and configuration.

There are some options based on mobile apps which appear cheaper but these carry considerable high risks, because they don’t always offer the trader indemnity against fraudulent transactions. They also don’t provide the customer with a printed receipt which many request.

WTS offers discounts on credit card machines and terminal rental for markets and market traders. WTS recommend SME and start up businesses to try where possible to use electronic methods of payment. It reduces cash and cheque payments which are expensive to administer. Increasing numbers of customers who visit markets prefer to pay by debit or credit card, either because they’ve run out of cash or for the protection a credit card offers them on higher-value purchases.


If you attend markets or are a market trader please contact us now for a free quote on credit card machine rental. Please call 0845 459 9984 or email sales@Wirelessterminalsolutions.co.uk.