If your business is predominantly mobile based, then you’ll need to be able to take payments on the go.  Types of businesses range from sole traders who operate from markets to pop up shops.  If you are one of these businesses, you might be wondering what equipment you need to get up and running and start taking payments from your customers.  We look at 5 things you might need.


A mobile ePos device.

A mobile ePos device will allow you to keep track of stock while taking payments.  You can even take customer details such as email addresses for building marketing lists.  Probably the best example of a modern ePos device would be Apple’s iPad.  Using apps that you download to the device, you can take care of all of these tasks. Of course you could use any other tablets and also custom ePos devices.

Internet connection.

Always consider this.  For taking payments on a mobile basis, you need a mobile internet connection.  Wifi is fast, but if you’re going to be operating from somewhere with no wifi connection, you won’t be able to take payments.  ‘3G’ devices, which run via mobile phone networks, are more reliable however they might run a little slower. Without an internet connection you won’t be able to take any card payments at all.  This can be frustrating for anyone who doesn’t carry cash, especially if there isn’t a cash machine within easy reach of where you are operating from.

Card payment terminal.

Although a mobile ePos device can take a mobile payment (via entry of information), it may be best to have a card terminal that links to your ePos device.  Firstly, payment terminals can process payments quicker especially with the development of contactless technology.  Also, consumers have more trust in card terminals over entering their information into a mobile ePos device. This will come at an additional cost for renting the device, but may be worth the extra expenditure.  It gives the consumer peace of mind that data is being stored securely, which will make them more likely to do business with you.

Cash Float.

No matter how high tech you wish to be, people will still come to you and want to pay with cash.  This means you need a good supply of change.  Without this, you might have to turn down orders and that isn’t good for any business. Always make sure you have every type of coinage from 1p to £1.  Also make sure you have a supply of every note, as you never know when someone will want to give you a £20 note to break.

 Receipt book.

Whether you’re selling something worth 50p or £15, you want to be able to give your customer a receipt.  It makes your business look more professional and trustworthy. These are important features for a customer in the decision making process that goes hand in hand with a purchase, especially if you’re in an area with direct rivals selling the same types of products. Other items you may want to consider are carrier bags, stationary and other sundries. We can provide a range of ePos devices and card terminals on short term hires, which would be perfect for taking payments on the go.  Why not contact us for a quote or to discuss your requirements.