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The Summer of 2017 will see the launch of the greatly anticipated Ingenico Move/5000 series, part of the wider Telium range of smart terminals produced by the UK’s leading manufacturer in payment technology, Ingenico. The Move/5000 series will be available in an expansive range of payment terminals including GPRS, Portable and Wi-Fi options. The Move/5000 card machine will deliver smart innovative technology to both companies and customers alike, and will revolutionise the way you take and accept card payments.

The Move/5000 series promises to create a new payment experience combining business and payment apps on a rich user interface. The smart card terminals have been designed to meet the most demanding use cases with innovative embedded features, and the best security mechanisms to protect transaction privacy.

The Move/5000 card terminal will include an application notification on acceptance, and the application can be downloaded in real-time whilst having the capability to offer the QR scanner in which businesses will be able to promote real-time promotions or discounts.

The Move/5000 has been eagerly awaited by consumers, and delivers the perfect combination in payment expertise and openness to the web. The Move/5000 smart card terminal will enhance NFC payments by delivering to customers a seamless experience through a dedicated smart card reader zone thus increasing faster card processing.

Even attention has been taken to ensure The Move/5000 is user friendly to both companies and businesses alike with its intuitive interface and a generous 3.5 inch touch screen. The Move 5000 comes with an enhanced battery life, and will become the perfect payment device as your business moves forward. The Move/5000 series is compatible to accept contactless and Apple Pay.

We can provide temporary short term rental or longer lease options with flexibility to suit customers on the Move/5000 smart terminal series. Over the past 9 years, the team at Wireless Terminal Solutions have seen a huge increase in customers looking to accept card payments, and we realise each company’s payment requirement is different. The simple fact of the matter is the popularity in customers wanting to pay by card is increasing every year, and this figure is only predicted to rise. This has been aided by the introduction of Apple Pay, Samsung pay and contactless payments in recent years.

Whether you’re looking for an additional smart terminal to cover a peak trading period or you are organising a charity event, the Move/5000 will deliver the correct payment needs for your business and setting. We don’t dictate on contract terms, and that is why our short term rental portfolio has grown every year. It is paramount that you get the smart card machine you require, and WTS are here to work with your business to generate a business relationship that lasts. The Move/5000 range comes in varying terminal types and will give your business the freedom, regardless of the business setting you are in.

Wireless Terminal Solutions’ smart terminal range is designed to create better payment solutions for everyday people. Our expansive fleet of smart PDQ machines and extensive knowledge in implementing and delivering payment solutions makes this possible. We strive to exceed your expectations in affordability, quality and on-time delivery!

If you want to upgrade your current card machine or to learn more about the Move/5000 series or perhaps you’d like a demonstration, please get in touch on 0845 459 9984 or email By choosing us for your payment solutions, you are making the SMART move by enabling your business to process faster payments.

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