Ingenico EFT930 Roller

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Ingenico EFT930 Roller


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If the EFT930 roller bar is not present in your card machine, or has been broken off, this will cause the card terminal not to print. The replacement part is essential for your card terminal to feed paper through.

Ingenico p/n: 189090200

Open up the card terminal printer lid, and check that the black roller bar is complete with the white cog on the right hand side and the black stopper on the left hand side. The rubber drive roller, clips inside the printer lid in your Ingenico EFT930B & EFT930G.

It is imperative to insert the cog carefully to avoid any damage to the PDQ machine. As with any orders, we are happy to provide assistance. The terminal lid has 2 plastic catches; if the catches are broken when replacing the roller, a complete new terminal lid will be required.

If you are unsure what replacement part you require for your Chip and Pin terminal, please call a member of the Wireless Terminal Solutions technical team who will be happy to assist in the matter.

If the terminal is not printing or has poor quality print, please follow the steps below:

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