Ingenico iWL220 Roller

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Ingenico iWL220 Roller


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The IWL220 roller is essential to keep your PDQ machine functioning. The Ingenico IWL roller sits on the compartment lid of the terminal and ensures the terminal prints correctly. If the roller bar has been lost, or isn’t present in the Chip and Pin machine, this will result in the terminal being unable to print. Please ensure if you purchase the compartment lid from our online store, the IWL220/250 roller will need to be ordered separately.

Ingenico p/n: 192020083

The replacement roller is essential for your card terminal to feed paper through. Sometimes the roller bar can also be referred to as a ‘cog’. Please be careful when inserting the roller to safeguard the plastic arm on the terminal lid.

Please ensure the correct paper roll is ordered to allow the printer to copy correctly.

The roller is compatible with the Ingenico IWL series -IWL 220, IWL 250, IWL 251, IWL 252 and IWL 258. If you are unsure whether your model is compatible or not, or you are not sure if your card terminal has been listed, please call a representative from Wireless Terminal Solutions who will assist with your enquiry.

Please note this is for the rubber roller, cog and spindle only as seen in the picture.  Wireless Terminal Solutions is your one-stop-shop for all your accessories. Don’t forget to order your other stationary through our online store. We are a market leader for all your premium products and consumables, and other Ingenico accessories. If you were looking to bulk buy, please contact us directly on 0345 459 9984.