iWL 220 Till Rolls

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iWL 220 Till Rolls


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Wireless Terminal Solutions’ Online store, is a leading supplier of consumables and till rolls.

In each box of till rolls, you will receive 20 till rolls. The till rolls are compatible with the following units: Ingenico IWL200, Ingenico iwl 258, Ingenico IWL222, Ingenico IWL220, Ingenico IWL221iCT220 iCT250 EFT930 S EFT930B EFT930G i5100 5100

The till rolls specifications are 57mm x 40mm, and are produced from the highest quality thermal paper.

Why are thermal till rolls better? WTS’ thermal till rolls, are manufactured with a special coating on the paper which provides the “thermal” attribute to the product. This coating is a mix of dyes & chemicals which react when exposed to heat. This means a better finish and the till rolls are smooth to touch, with a slightly shiny look.

You may see till rolls cheaper elsewhere, but these will invariably be of cheaper quality, and may not be compatible with the credit card machine. Being a market leader in supplying credit card equipment, WTS only supply premium products. The key advantages of using a thermal till roll include clearer faster printing. The print doesn’t fade or more importantly run!

WTS are also able to supply a selection of credit card machine replacement products, please browse our store for additional products, and details. All Wireless Terminal Solutions’ branded rolls are manufactured in Great Britain. VAT receipts are issued automatically via email.

If you are looking for bulk orders on card terminals replacement till rolls, please contact a representative directly on 0345 459 9984 or email us on sales@wirelessterminalsolutions.co.uk.