Verifone Vx 675 Cleaning Cards

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Verifone Vx 675 Cleaning Cards


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Each pack contains 20 cleaning cards suitable for the Verifone VX675, and the manufacturer recommends a cleaning card to be used at least once a week to ensure the card insertion on the debit card terminal remains clear of dirt and grease.

Each Pack of VX675 cleaning cards supplied by WTS, is designed to clean the read pins located inside the Verifone smart card or EMV debit card terminal, as well as the magnetic stripe reader. The magnetic stripe swipe reader will also build up dirt, dust and debris that need to be removed to properly maintain the integrity of the card reader.

With any product supplied by WTS, ongoing support comes wherever possible, and customer satisfaction is paramount to building relationships with customers. Using the VX675 cleaning cards promotes longevity of the debit card terminal.

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