A common problem with a GPRS credit card terminal is the connection with a venue or location. Please use the following steps to ensure the card terminal is displaying the correct information on screen before attempting to use the device.

  • Please ensure the card machine displays GPRS on the screen.
  • Ensure network bars are displayed on the screen and check the amount of bars available (5 being extremely good).
  • Most importantly, ensure the card terminal displays a network (Orange, EE, T-Mobile, O2, Vodafone or Datasim). If the network is not displayed the card machine will NOT connect.


A communication error can occur for several reasons. GPRS/GSM terminals are reliant on a signal and can be affected by a loss of network within certain areas. Generally the transaction will void and display a Diagnostic code at the bottom of the receipt with either 82828282 or 41414141. These codes are specific for GPRS units and we have a few procedures on how to rectify this.

  • Please turn the Ingenico terminal off and leave for 30 seconds (please ensure the screen is blank).
  • Remove the Sim Card from of the device and wipe the metal chip on the Sim.
  • Replace the Sim and turn the terminal back on.
  • Leave for a further 2 minutes and see if the Ingenico terminal display GPRS, Network Bars and a Network.
  • If this fails please try selecting the network manually.

If none of the above works, please call the WTS helpdesk immediately and we can run a few additional checks on the terminal to resolve the issue.