A common problem with a GPRS credit card terminal is the connection with a venue or location. Please use the following steps to ensure the card terminal is displaying the correct information on screen before attempting to use the device.

  • Please ensure the card machine displays GPRS on the screen.
  • Ensure network bars are displayed on the screen and check the amount of bars available (5 being extremely good).
  • Most importantly, ensure the card terminal displays a network (Orange, EE, T-Mobile, O2, Vodafone or Datasim). If the network is not displayed the card machine will NOT connect.


Generally the unit will need to establish a connection to the card machine’s base station. This can be when performing a standard test on the terminal. Please connect the base station to the power supply cable and ensure the terminal is charging. Once a source of power is received from the terminal it can then be removed from the base station and normal service can be resumed on the payment facility.

If you are attending an event or exhibition without access to a power source, please call the designated technical support lines supplied in the WTS help book.