What are the top tips for using a credit card machine on a rental period?

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To make the most out of a credit card machine on a short term rental period, we would always advise running a test transaction on your credit card machine yourself before using it in a live setting, so you are fully familiar with the card terminal.

Make sure the mobile credit card machine is always fully charged (the battery bar is displayed in the top left hand corner on the terminal screen). If the battery runs below 40% it can significantly impact the quality and performance of the card machine.

Ensure you order sufficient accessories for your forthcoming event including till rolls (each till roll for the Ingenico card machine typically does 60-70 transactions).

Please read the FAQ which delivers support on refunds and end of day banking.

Refer to Wireless Terminal Solutions’ support page which can be found on our home page. It provides trouble shooting on your credit card machine.

Take advantage of our UK based credit card machine technical support. Our technical team aim to perform consistently, and deliver value-added support to our customers with the highest level of quality on credit card machines. In the process of trouble shooting and supporting your enquiry we aim to meet or exceed customer expectations.