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Not every business requires a long-term payment solutions contract. For specialised events such as exhibitions, gala dinners, trade fairs or park parties, a short-term hire alternative is more convenient.

It eliminates the need for annoying lock-in contracts and cut-throat terms and conditions. If you hate rigid contracts like we do, then Wireless Terminal Solution (WTS) is the right choice for you. Our payments solution systems include credit card machines and iPads for short term hire.

As a leading provider of technology-driven wireless payments, WTS offers iPad rentals for periods as short as one day. You are also free to request as many as a hundred iPads for large events. If you require prior training, a team will be at your premises to put your employees through technical details.

How flexible is our iPad rental plan?

As flexible as you want.

Unlike other providers whose tight plans lock you to a limited bundle of services, we give you the option of a rolling plan. The rolling plan, as the name implies, allows you to set the period of use as you would like; from one to two or three days. If for some reason, you wish to extend usage, simply rollover the same plan and continue. The only costs incurred is the continued use of the device.

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iPad Rental FAQs

Are your iPad services designed for seamless use?
It is not uncommon for people to experience a network downtime of incompatibility with their tablets. At Wireless Terminal Solutions, we have taken into account and integrated such solutions into all our devices. Rest assured, your employees will have an uninterrupted service with our rental iPads.

Another valuable reason to use WTS iPads is the compatibility it has with most payment platforms. As modern solutions provider, WTS is affiliated to one of the biggest suppliers of Apple products in the UK. We provide all necessary iPad accessories you’ll need for rent, including a smorgasbord of security appliances as well. We guarantee safety of your transactions as well as customer details.

Are you looking to work with an accredited service?
When it comes to electronic payment services, people want a company they can rely on. After all, you’ll be doing transactions on a 3rd party device. There’s no need for doubt; at Wireless Terminal Solutions, we are sticklers for security and we would never expose you to any risks. Our company is vetted and trusted by numerous financial regulatory authorities. Your details are extremely secure.

As authorised resellers for Ingensico, a leading card machine manufacturer in the UK, WTS guarantees supply of credit card machine accessories. From chargers to power adaptors, ethernet cables and other devices, we ensure your exhibition or trade event runs hitch-free throughout the duration.

Is there ongoing support for iPad rental customers?
Yes. No matter how limited the rental period is, every customer has access to a support team of technicians. In case you encounter challenges, regardless of time of day, a support team will always be ready to attend to you.

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