Chip and Pin

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A chip and pin terminal can add massive flexibility to your business. Taking cash is always a great option, but being able to take card payments means you can upsell products and services more, and provide a better quality of service to your customers. At Wireless Terminal Solutions we strive to offer the most versatile and diverse range of chip and pin terminal solutions in the UK. We can offer you long-term solutions with contracts between one and four years that enable you to minimise your chip and pin terminal costs and fees, keeping you well within budget. We can also offer short-term terminal solutions with rolling contracts that can be set up within just three days. With our express setup you can use our chip and pin terminals for ad-hoc events and functions.

Our chip and pin terminal benefits:

  • When you take a chip and pin terminal from Wireless Terminal Solutions there are a lot of benefits that you tap into.
  • You will have access to a personal account manager who will be on hand to advise and guide you, and provide after care service to ensure that everything is running smoothly.
  • You will receive a quality terminal, guaranteeing robust and reliable physical and transactional performance.
  • Our technical support is available seven days a week, and we also have a 24 hour facility where you can swap a faulty chip and pin terminal.
  • Our solutions are cost-effective and flexible, ensuring that you have the right chip and pin terminal for your business, on the right contract.
  • Our Chip and PIN terminals feature contactless technology and support Union and Apple Pay, allowing you even greater flexibility.

Not sure which chip and pin terminal to go for?

At Wireless Terminal Solutions, we offer a variety of Ingenico Chip and PIN terminals to choose from, including portable Bluetooth, mobile GPRS, Wi-Fi, and static models. Our static countertop machines are perfect for taking payments over the counter. They are a favourite with retail outlets and businesses that process payments at a permanent location. For more flexibility, our portable terminals let you process payments anywhere on your premises within a 100 metre range of the central hub. These terminals are favoured by restaurants and bars. Our mobile terminals offer the greatest degree of flexibility as they can be used anywhere in the UK as long as there is a GSM or GPRS network available. This option is perfect if you have to take your business to an event or if you run a business on the move such as a taxi service.

Our team of terminal experts are here to provide you. Through a consultative process we establish exactly which contract and which terminal is right for you. Our terminals come with various technologies including GPRS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and wired technology. If you need a portable solution then we can help. Get in touch today on (0845) 459 9984 or email UK to find out more about what we have to offer. Our quotations are clear and transparent, outlining all costs, so you know exactly what you have to pay. Our merchant account fees are some of the most competitive in the business and we are confident that we can save you money on whichever solution you have in place at the moment, and can get you up and running more quickly than any other operator in the business.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with the leading chip and pin terminal experts today and find out how we can make your business more profitable.

Are you searching for a short-term chip and pin terminal solution? Do you have ad hoc requirements where you don’t want to get committed to long-term contracts?

We understand that many businesses in the UK have the requirement for short-term lease and rental of payment terminals in order to facilitate business transactions at events, exhibitions and in their seasonal businesses. We strive to offer as much flexibility as possible in the contracts that we offer so that your business only pays for what it needs.

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Why choose Wireless Terminal Solutions?

As one of the leading providers of Chip and PIN terminals in the UK, we are trusted by thousands of businesses to deliver reliable payment solutions when needed. We offer flexible, cost-effective solutions and help you save up to 45% on processing costs when you switch to us. You’ll have access to dependable customer support, available even on weekends to promptly deal with any technical issues. We also have a 24-hour facility that lets you swap a faulty Chip and PIN terminal. We are fully PCI DSS compliant, meaning you can trust our terminals to process your payments securely.

Chip and Pin Terminals FAQs

Some other benefits of our chip and pin terminals

Our chip and pin terminals on short-term hire offer excellent rates, contactless, Union and Apple pay technology, and benefit from seven-day a week technical support. Even if you run a business that runs out of hours our technical support teams are available to help. Our solutions are fully integrated with the E pass platform, and our teams of experts ensure that everything runs smoothly with your payment gateway.

Why choose Wireless Terminal Solutions?

We are one of the leading providers of short-term chip and pin terminals in the UK. We have helped thousands of businesses take payments quickly when they have had a need arise urgently. We can get you set up faster than any other terminal solution in the UK. Our customers are up and running within three days, and we offer affordable merchant fees through our merchant account provider.

We are the easier way to begin taking payments, and we offer a consultative approach to ensure that you get exactly the contract and terminal that your business requires.

Flexible contract and a range of terminals
As well as offering flexible contracts with no long commitments and no tie-ins, we offer portable and fixed terminals, and a range of technology, including wireless, GPRS and Bluetooth. We provide terminals from the leading manufacturers on Ingenico software platforms. Our terminals are strong and durable, guaranteed to take the knocks of day-to-day use.
Get a free transparent quotation

We provide free quotations by email detailing everything that you need to know, and a full breakdown of costs. We are confident that we are the most cost-effective solution that you will find for your short-term wireless terminal or fixed terminal solutions, and we even offer free setup and free dispatch.

Get in touch today on (0845) 459 9984 or email us on UK and find out how our business can help your business bring in more business.

How flexible are our short-term terminal hires?

If you are averse towards uncomfortable contracts as we are, you’ll like our range of offers for both fixed and mobile credit card machines. Our technology covers wireless solutions for quick payment. This also includes Wi-Fi Credit Card machines and Counter-top card machines, all of which are available for short term hire.

So, if you are organising an exhibition or charity event that lasts a day or two, our rolling contracts provide and ideal way to make the most of your payments. Without unnecessarily long commitments, a rolling contract allows you roll over your contract as you use it. At the end of the event, you return the terminals. Clients only pay the transaction fees accrued during the period.

Why choose WTS’ short term hire service?

Besides our flexible contracts, we also provide efficient payments solutions for our registered users. Enjoy uninterrupted services throughout the event.

  • No downtime
  • Quick set up and withdrawal of credit card terminals
  • Availability of accessories
  • Low-cost merchant fees

We pride ourselves in the expedite services we deliver. It takes only three working days from the time we register your application to the deployment of the short-term chip and pin terminal hire.

What type of short term chip and pin terminals are available?

Our customers have a range of terminals to choose from; for businesses centred around a mobile environment such as fundraising dinners, our Wi-Fi credit card machines are most popular. They come with a 100M radius of signal reception.

If you are stationed at a spot like a day-long concert, our counter-top credit card terminals are ideal for you. They can be set up at a base, and come with a 190-degree swivel and a 60-degree tilt.

Others are Contactless credit card machines and Mobile Card Machines.

All our terminals are compatible with major pay-gate merchants (VISA, MasterCard and American Express). They also have excellent rates and reduce costs for our customers.

Who needs short-term chip and pin terminal hire?

Whether you’re away at an event, anticipating a busier than usual business period, or setting up a pop-up shop, you should be able to make optimal sales at every point. That’s exactly what we hope to help you do at Wireless Terminal Solutions with our short-term chip and pin terminal hire service. We are experienced in providing this service for different types of business situations across the UK such as outdoor events, trade fairs, home sales, locksmiths, mobile mechanics, limousine and taxi drivers, marquee beer tents, and many others.

What are the benefits of short-term chip and pin terminal hire?

Short-term chip and pin terminal hire provides a secure way to receive payments via customers’ credit and debit cards wherever, whenever, without having to worry about the long-term costs of owning a card machine. At Wireless Terminal Solutions, we offer modern contactless card machines, including many that support ApplePay.

What if you’ve never used a chip and pin terminal?

Endorsed by all UK banks, our terminals are licensed with the major merchant acquirers in the UK including Barclaycard, AIB, First Data and World Pay. It doesn’t matter whether you have an already established business where you normally take card and pin payments or if you’ll be using the technology for the first time. Whatever the case, it’s easy to get started using our payment gateway technology. Our properly trained staff members are always available to handle your enquiries and provide whatever assistance you may need.

We’ll help you link the short-term terminal to an existing account if you have one and if you don’t have one, we’ll help you set it up faster than any other company in the UK. We have a variety of terminals to choose from offering Bluetooth, GPRS and wireless connectivity. All our terminals are of the highest quality, making us a reliable choice for short-term rentals in the UK, whether you’re a small shop or a high street chain.

Why choose us for your short-term chip and pin terminal hire?

The short-term hire service at Wireless Terminal Solutions has been designed with maximum flexibility and simplicity in mind. We deliver the terminal on time at an agreed address with an instructional guide to help you start using the device like a pro in no time. Also, before it gets to you, we would have set up the terminal properly to make it easy for you to start using it straight away.

We offer short-term hire with no contracts and rolling contracts with cost-effective packages that only run for the period you need the card and pin terminal. If you decide you’d like to keep the terminal for longer, we’ll have your short-term contract converted to a long-term contract of one to four years while we offer you discounts.

WTS History With Short Term Chip and Pin Terminal Rentals
For years, Wireless Terminal Solutions has served the payment solutions industry in the UK. With cutting-edge systems and services, we have helped small and large businesses establish themselves in their various niches. Our clients are not only able to provide efficient wireless payments for their customers, but guarantee safety for their credit card details.

WTS is a leading provider of terminal based payments for businesses in different sectors. While some companies prefer a long-term deal, others want a more temporary solution for their operations. Either way, we understand these peculiarities and have created a service suite for everybody.

One thing is sure, all our contracts are flexible. We have customers whose contracts with us have lasted over 4 years because of the quality service ease we provide.

How does our short-term chip and pin terminal work?

As one of the nation’s leading wireless terminal providers, we have an insight into the common needs of most businesses. One of our popular offerings is the short-term chip and pin terminal rentals. If you are planning a one-day event such as a charity dinner or a fundraiser, our short-term terminal is perfect for you.

All WTS chip and pin terminals are high-security products, so your transactions are always safe. Secondly, our flexible contracts give you have full control of the device. If you have to extend your event another day, or need to attend another program, simply roll over the contract to continue using it.

The choice of a rolling contract is a lot more cost-effective than a long locked-in contract. You only pay for transaction fees. If there are additional costs, we let you know beforehand.

Why our chip and pin short term hire is perfect for you?
As a company with lasting experience in wireless payments, you can say we have prepared for everything. With a WTS installed chip and pin terminal, you have uninterrupted service for all transactions throughout the event.

We also provide accessories to facilitate use of the terminals. For instance, at a concert event, you’ll need a mobile charger to keep your machine up and running at all times. We have power adapters and ethernet cables, in case you need them.

A third factor that makes our product great for you is compatibility. We are registered with major banks in the UK; the most common gateways are accessible through our terminals. This includes VISA, American Express MasterCard and more. Our terminals are also enabled for Apple Pay payments.

Looking for an accredited short-term wireless terminal provider?
Wireless Terminal Solutions is a long-time provider of smart money transfer solutions. However, our services are continually evolved to meet current demands of the industry.

WTS has received numerous accreditations from financial regulatory bodies in the UK.

Furthermore, We are an authorised reseller of Ingenico, UK’s major credit card machine manufacturer. This means you have access to high quality merchandise with lasting warranty.

If you are currently searching for a reliable short-term chip and pin terminal service, look no further. We can send a team of experts to give you free consultation on the best solution for your business.

What benefits come with our short-term lease chip and pin terminals?

Besides, the flexible rates and cost-effective solutions, WTS’ chip and pin terminals are a highly secure way to effect business payment across any pay-gate merchant. We have a relationship with major banks in the UK and guarantee compatibility with merchants such as MasterCard, VISA and American Express.

Being a top financial technology solutions company, our chip and pin terminals have an uptime service of 99.9%. This means, for the duration of the event, you won’t have to worry about poor connectivity or low battery problems.

Are there accessories for chip and pin credit card terminals?

We understand the peculiarities of short-term lease chip and pin terminals. For one, a service may require a fixed credit card machine or a mobile one, depending on the type of event. In both cases, we have accessories to supplement the efficiency of the terminals.

As authorised resellers for Ingenico Software, one of UK’s major credit card machine manufacturers, we have access to quality accessories such as chargers, power adapters, ethernet cables and roll papers. When you call for support our award-winning team responds immediately.

Why should you choose our Wireless Terminals Solutions?

WTS is an electronic payments solution company with several years of experience, a competent team of professionals and an unwavering commitment to customers’ needs. But that’s not the only reason to choose our services.

We are a standalone company; not being obligated to a single carrier service gives us the freedom to shop the best deals from carrier networks. This automatically gives you a wide range of options for low-cost merchant rates.

Furthermore, every WTS registered customer is entitled to 24/7 customer support and a dedicated account officer. Even if your establishment operates off hours, you have access to tech support.

What are the features of WTS’ short-term lease chip and pin terminals?

We always have a range of credit card terminals for various business types. They come equipped with NFC functions, Bluetooth and compatibility with Union Pay, Android Pay or Apple Pay.

Our Counter-top Credit Card terminals are great for fixed payment counters, while Mobile Card Terminals are portable and equipped with a 100m radius signal capacity. Perfect for payments in various areas within a large space.

Our Contactless Credit Card terminals simplify payments by eliminating the need for PIN entry. The service is extremely fast.

Whichever choice you make, you are guaranteed convenient and flexible rates.

In need of a reliable card terminal accessories provider?

You can rely on WTS to make your payment streamlined. If you own any of our card terminal accessories, you are guaranteed fast transactions and convenient money transfers straight into your bank account. Our hassle-free systems help you grow your business with low cost rates and enhanced sales management.

Wireless Terminal Solutions is an independent company. Because we are not contractually bound to a single carrier, we are able to help our clients shop the best deal from our rich network of merchant providers. In addition, we take pride in the quick turnaround time of our card terminal installers.

What Card Terminal Accessories do we deploy?

Our credit card machines require certain equipment to function fully. If you run out of supporting equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us. WTS offers:

  • Replacement bases
  • Paper rolls (card terminals)
  • Electronic Point of Sales (EPOS)
  • Terminal carry bases
  • In-car chargers
  • Power adapters
  • Ethernet cables and more
Does WTS provide specialised support services?

For new business owners who are unfamiliar with credit card processing machines, or vendors who have just switched merchants, we offer a regular support service. Interaction with WTS customer support doesn’t end with initial deployment; where there are service issues, a standby team is always available.

Wireless Terminal Solutions also appoints a dedicated account manager you can contact when you need help. They also check in on your business from time to time to ensure you are satisfied.

Do We Give Free Quotation for Card Terminal Accessories?

Yes, we do. At WTS, you get a free quote upon request. All items are listed clearly, without hidden charges. Rest assured, you will only be charged at market price (no mark-ups).

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