Short Term Chip & Pin
Terminal Hire

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At Wireless Terminal Solutions we offer rolling contracts and short-term hire with no contract. We can offer you a package that makes maximum use of your budget, and only runs for the duration that you need our payment gateway technology.

If you have a need for a chip and pin terminal just for a few days then we can help. If you are a seasonal business and need a chip and pin terminal for short-term hire for a few months then we can equally provide you with a quality package at affordable rates.

If you choose to take a short-term contract and later want to have it translated into a long-term contract then we can offer you discounts as you move on to a one or four-year contract.

We can get you set up with a merchant account and terminal within three days so that you can quickly start taking payments from your customers. We are proud to say that our service is faster to set up than any other company offering similar solutions in the UK.

Our short-term hire chip and pin terminals are top quality. They are robust, user-friendly, ergonomic and house accredited software that is secure. We are approved by all major banks in the UK and have relationships with most of the big financial organisations, such as Barclaycard, AIB, First Data and World Pay.

If you are looking for a trusted solution to take payments on a short-term hire basis then Wireless Terminal Solutions are your number one choice.

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A few more reasons to choose us

When you choose our solutions you benefit from an out of hours technical support service, delivered by people who are experts with terminals. Our staff are friendly, highly trained and customer centric. We are always motivated to get you the best solution for your business, balancing the length of the contract with the fees that you pay.

Our range of terminals includes diverse technology covering GPRS, Bluetooth and wireless connectivity, and our setup is simple.

To benefit from a free quote to find out exactly what your business payment gateway will cost get in touch by phone on (0845) 459 9984, or email

We are trusted by thousands of companies around the UK and have built a reputation for short-term hire solutions that are second to none. We offer hassle-free, affordable short-term hire of chip and pin terminals that will give your business a professional image, and help you transact more business faster.

FAQs About Short Term Chip & Pin Terminal Hire

Who needs short-term chip and pin terminal hire?

Whether you’re away at an event, anticipating a busier than usual business period, or setting up a pop-up shop, you should be able to make optimal sales at every point. That’s exactly what we hope to help you do at Wireless Terminal Solutions with our short-term chip and pin terminal hire service. We are experienced in providing this service for different types of business situations across the UK such as outdoor events, trade fairs, home sales, locksmiths, mobile mechanics, limousine and taxi drivers, marquee beer tents, and many others.

What are the benefits of short-term chip and pin terminal hire?

Short-term chip and pin terminal hire provides a secure way to receive payments via customers’ credit and debit cards wherever, whenever, without having to worry about the long-term costs of owning a card machine. At Wireless Terminal Solutions, we offer modern contactless card machines, including many that support ApplePay.

What if you’ve never used a chip and pin terminal?

Endorsed by all UK banks, our terminals are licensed with the major merchant acquirers in the UK including Barclaycard, AIB, First Data and World Pay. It doesn’t matter whether you have an already established business where you normally take card and pin payments or if you’ll be using the technology for the first time. Whatever the case, it’s easy to get started using our payment gateway technology. Our properly trained staff members are always available to handle your enquiries and provide whatever assistance you may need.

We’ll help you link the short-term terminal to an existing account if you have one and if you don’t have one, we’ll help you set it up faster than any other company in the UK. We have a variety of terminals to choose from offering Bluetooth, GPRS and wireless connectivity. All our terminals are of the highest quality, making us a reliable choice for short-term rentals in the UK, whether you’re a small shop or a high street chain.

Why choose us for your short-term chip and pin terminal hire?

The short-term hire service at Wireless Terminal Solutions has been designed with maximum flexibility and simplicity in mind. We deliver the terminal on time at an agreed address with an instructional guide to help you start using the device like a pro in no time. Also, before it gets to you, we would have set up the terminal properly to make it easy for you to start using it straight away.

We offer short-term hire with no contracts and rolling contracts with cost-effective packages that only run for the period you need the card and pin terminal. If you decide you’d like to keep the terminal for longer, we’ll have your short-term contract converted to a long-term contract of one to four years while we offer you discounts.


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