Contactless Card Machines

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As the world evolves, so do business practices. Wireless Terminal Solutions continues to provide services that match the dynamic business environment. Gone are the days of prolonged, inflexible chip and pin terminal contracts. If your provider still locks you down, it’s time to seek better, non-contract arrangements.

Like some of these organisations, if your business requires cash or card transactions for payments, our short-term lease options are suitable. We guarantee fast and convenient services.

Wireless Terminal Solutions’ short-term ‘contract’ offers you a way to maximise your budget with flexible rates. You are also free to roll-over or terminate your ‘contract’ anytime you wish.

What Types of Businesses Use Our Short-Term Lease Service for Chip and Pin Terminals?

We work with all types of businesses in providing chip and pin solutions on a short-term basis. For example, we work with charity events, sports events, music events, festivals, pop-up shops, seasonal businesses, outdoor summer bars, farmers markets, traders and many more types of business.

If your business takes cash and needs to take card, then we can help. We provide different types of terminal based on the requirements of your business and the logistics of your operation. We can even provide portable wireless chip and pin terminals on short-term lease so that you can take payments at diverse locations over GPRS. Our terminals work through the major UK mobile networks.

Ready to Start Taking Card Payments?

Our credit card and debit card payment gateway solutions are accredited and approved by all major banks and can take all major cards. We have relationships with major companies such as Union Pay, American Express/Diners, First Data, Lloyd’s, Barclaycard, AIB, World Pay/Streamline, and Global Payments.

We are a trusted provider for companies up and down the land, and our testimonials speak volumes about the quality of our service both presale and post-sale.

To get a free quote detailing all of the costs of short-term lease for chip and pin terminal solutions get in touch on (0845) 459 9984 or email our sales incentives at

It’s time that you gave your customers what they expect; and that is the ability to pay by card, contactless technology and through Apple pay. You’ll be surprised at home many people opt to pay by card.

Chip and pin terminal short-term rental solutions are a great way to take card payments at events and in seasonal businesses. The challenge is that most providers tie you into long-term contracts and have excessive fees for exiting prior to the conclusion of the contract.

At Wireless Terminal Solutions we endeavour to offer the most flexible short-term rental chip and pin terminal solutions in the UK market. Our short-term rental solutions have no tie-ins and no long-term contracts, and offer you the ability to get set up within three days. That means your merchant account and terminal can be with you and ready to go faster than with any other operator in the UK market.

We pride ourselves on our business efficiency and the affordable rates that we charge, meaning you can increase your bottom line without excessive financial commitment. What you pay is in line with your business needs and level.

FAQs Short-term Lease Chip and Pin Terminals

What benefits come with our short-term lease chip and pin terminals?

Besides, the flexible rates and cost-effective solutions, WTS’ chip and pin terminals are a highly secure way to effect business payment across any pay-gate merchant. We have a relationship with major banks in the UK and guarantee compatibility with merchants such as MasterCard, VISA and American Express.

Being a top financial technology solutions company, our chip and pin terminals have an uptime service of 99.9%. This means, for the duration of the event, you won’t have to worry about poor connectivity or low battery problems.

Are there accessories for chip and pin credit card terminals?

We understand the peculiarities of short-term lease chip and pin terminals. For one, a service may require a fixed credit card machine or a mobile one, depending on the type of event. In both cases, we have accessories to supplement the efficiency of the terminals.

As authorised resellers for Ingenico Software, one of UK’s major credit card machine manufacturers, we have access to quality accessories such as chargers, power adapters, ethernet cables and roll papers. When you call for support our award-winning team responds immediately.

Why should you choose our Wireless Terminals Solutions?

WTS is an electronic payments solution company with several years of experience, a competent team of professionals and an unwavering commitment to customers’ needs. But that’s not the only reason to choose our services.

We are a standalone company; not being obligated to a single carrier service gives us the freedom to shop the best deals from carrier networks. This automatically gives you a wide range of options for low-cost merchant rates.

Furthermore, every WTS registered customer is entitled to 24/7 customer support and a dedicated account officer. Even if your establishment operates off hours, you have access to tech support.

What are the features of WTS’ short-term lease chip and pin terminals?

We always have a range of credit card terminals for various business types. They come equipped with NFC functions, Bluetooth and compatibility with Union Pay, Android Pay or Apple Pay.

Our Counter-top Credit Card terminals are great for fixed payment counters, while Mobile Card Terminals are portable and equipped with a 100m radius signal capacity. Perfect for payments in various areas within a large space.

Our Contactless Credit Card terminals simplify payments by eliminating the need for PIN entry. The service is extremely fast.

Whichever choice you make, you are guaranteed convenient and flexible rates.

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